Proposal: ProtoFi Protocol Partnership Proposal


ProtoFi is the first community-driven, user-owned DEX on the Fantom network that focuses on long term sustainability and value creation for shareholders by giving the opportunity for investors to own a piece of the protocol itself - and, by association, the profits it generates. This is achieved through our unique tokenomics, where our native Nucleus LP farms earn rewards in ELCT, our governance and shareholding token. ELCT can be staked in Fission, which pays out 100% of the swap fees generated by our DEX, currently in DAI. ProtoFi also features one of the lowest swap fees on Fantom, in order to attract maximum swap volume.

We are all fans of the Terra ecosystem here at ProtoFi, and we are very impressed with Terra’s growth and achievements. We would love the opportunity to partner up and help UST gain a strong foothold in the Fantom ecosystem, as one of the leading stablecoins.

Partnership Proposal

We would like to establish a close partnership with Terra, and integrate UST on our platform. The goal of the integration would be to make UST the native stablecoin of ProtoFi, paying our ELCT stakers in Fission in UST, replacing DAI. At the same time, we are looking to further UST adoption on Fantom by heavily incentivizing UST liquidity in our LP farms.
Commitments from ProtoFi

  • UST will be natively integrated on our platform, and will become the default stablecoin in paying out our ELCT stakers for the duration of the partnership.
  • 2 UST-pair liquidity pools will be launched with high incentives to attract the deepest liquidity. These will include one non-native pools, UST/FTM and a native pool, UST/PROTO. More specifically, up to 7% of PROTO rewards will be directed towards the non-native pairs, and up to 40% of ELCT rewards will be directed towards the UST/PROTO pair.
  • ELCT stakers will be encouraged to compound their earned UST as much as possible, by incentivizing the native UST/PROTO pair rewards over our other native pairs.
  • Unlike all other new pair launches, all UST pairs will be launched with 0% deposit fees, to prevent any possible barriers to entry.
  • We will link to/directly integrate bridges that support the cross-chain transfer of UST on our site to simplify cross-chain migrations.
  • Co-marketing efforts, including advertising our integration of UST and heavily incentivized UST pools on social media, as well as ongoing support and future promotions of Terra dApps that would like to establish a cross-chain presence on Fantom

Commitments from Terra

  • The Terra community will ensure there is sufficient UST liquidity on Fantom. This includes providing adequate liquidity in the UST pools we will launch, as well as ensuring sufficient bridge capacity before the launch of our partnership. In terms of LP liquidity, we propose $250k of liquidity spread between our UST/FTM and UST/PROTO pools.
  • $250k of UST incentives over 3 months. These incentives will be distributed to ELCT stakers through our Fission system, who will be heavily incentivized to compound their earned UST, as described previously.
  • Co-marketing of ProtoFi within the Terra ecosystem, and introduction to Terra dApps teams that would like to establish a cross-chain presence on Fantom

Thanks to our low swap fees, attractive rewards for UST pair LP providers, and native UST fees distributions, as well as our Fantom ecosystem relationships, including the Fantom Foundation, we are confident we can be a major driver of UST adoption. Through our partnership, we look forward to turning UST into one of the leading stablecoins on Fantom!

Please check further details on our tokenomics and our Dual Token System here:

Our audits are also available here:

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our proposal, and answer any questions you may have!


Strong move from the ProtoFi team. This will be a great addition to the FTM community!!


ProtoFi is the 1st user-owned DeFi protocol on Fantom which shares 100% of its swap fees & 75% of the deposit fees as stable dividends to users who stakes ELCT in the Fission pool without requirements for any locking (the dividends APR is much higher than peers such as SpookySwap and SpiritSwap). The protocol has been multi-fold battle-tested (bad global crypto market condition, war, solidly hype & dump) and survived well. The partnership will be a clear win-win.


Partnership will go well with the expansion of UST into the Fantom ecosystem. More exposure for UST will allow its influence to grow, which will benefit LUNA holders significantly. Think this is a no-brainer.


Great expansion opportunity for UST and a good fit with ProtoFi. Win-Win! Let’s make this happen!


Sounds like such a Win/Win. I love the idea of being the main reward token for the entire Protocol. Such a win for UST for adoption on FTM.

We gotta integrate this ASAP!!!


Great proposal. Protofi is the fastest growing defi project on Fantom and UST is the fastest growing stable coin in all of crypto. Great partnership to be made.


Uncharted waters are beginning to surge on the horizon of distributed wealth. A move like this brings high expectations which will prove difficult to meet - nonetheless, the resilient team behind both projects should be allowed 1 or 2 mistakes.

I wish i could contain how cheerful i am after reading (for ~3 weeks by now) what the protofi community is about to create as a system of non-monoplized banking.


The protofi team continue to impress on what their building. Great opportunity for further UST exposure on fantom while also introducing cross-chain presence for other Terra Dapps. The community is very strong within this protocol and would help rally UST adoption


Yes please! I am all Fantom and Terra - we need more UST on Fantom and I believe ProtoFi has a stellar team to deliver the goods. Let’s go!


This is excellent news! I’m a LUNA and ELCT holder and I’m looking forward to parking my rewards in UST!


This would be a great partnership for Terra! Hope to see this happen!


That is amazing. What a good way to bring more UST to Fantom. ProtoFi is doing such a great job. Our protofi community support this proposal. We love UST. Hopefully Terra community will approve it and we can help make this partnership work.


2 great communities! More exposure for UST in the Fantom community is a win-win. for everyone!


Adopting UST is a brilliant idea. Love both the Terra and FTM ecosystem


Awesome !! This will help both the Fantom and the Terra ecosystem. Ust will gain more traction in fantom ecosystem and it will be the most used multi chain algorithmic stable coin.


Thats amazing, I love Terra/UST and ProtoFi. Lets bring UST to Fantom. ProtoFi team is very strong and reliable, the DAO is very transparent and engagement is high. This is a clear win win.


Fantastic proposal! Much mutual gain to be had between those two protocols.
I fully support this.


Great proposal! Lets bring more UST to Fantom!


Great one. Win-win situation. Bringing more UST to Fantom through ProtoFi.