[PROPOSAL] Stop luna deflation

Yeah i know i know. Don’t get your torches.

All the biggest projects in crypto is inflationary.
What that means is, we don’t need to make Luna deflationary to be successful.

Going forward i think Luna/UST should be handled like this.

Same burn/mint feature.
But if let’s say this month UST minting was doing great.

The minting burned 10 million Luna.
The next month there should be an inflation of 10 million Luna going to a UST peg treasury.

Let’s say the next month UST wasn’t doing great. There was a minting of 10 million Luna.
Now the treasury will step in and starting to buyback 10 million Luna from the market to tame inflation and boost investor protection so people feel confident buying Luna. Making UST re-peg.

Furthermore i think a portion of the initial inflation should go to old stakers and UST holders to compensate. Maybe with a lock up period.

What do you guys think?

You invented a new coin.

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Hope that’s a good thing. I haven’t given up on UST. I know trust i destroyed right now. But for me defi is pointless without decentralized money.

Defi without decentralized money is like an electric car that need to be charged with a diesel generator.