Proposal: Stop making self-serving proposals, own your mistakes and actually fix things

The proposals so far spend a lot of time proving that the entire system is not a free-market system but instead these proposals focus on certain people trying to recover funds they lost when the flaws in the system they were trusted to lead were exploited. Anyone involved in developing or voting for a change should be required to relinquish 100% of what they would personally stand to gain from any changes.

Prove the going forward ecosystem will be built on the basis of an open market where market forces and trading cannot be ignored when things don’t work out as planned. If you want this ecosystem to survive it will need to be trusted. If the small number of people controlling the go-forward approach decide to back a change that helps them and others in their orbit recover some of their lost fortunes to the detriment of others who do not have a vote, they will prove that they cannot be trusted and that the ecosystem and community was never really important, just a means to a personal ends. If there is a desire to make changes that will damage any participant to the benefit of people voting, those individuals should not make or recover a dime.

List the names of all people voting on new proposals and their exact stakes in UST and LUNA as of the day the vote is finalized and any changes are enacted. The value of their positions as of that moment should be the exact same value they receive after changes have been made (fork or whatever they end of doing). Prove that you are doing this to save the ecosystem and make it better, and not to just try to save your own $$$. Note: What you had at the time of the de-peg is not relevant and people making the decisions on where to go next should not recover ANY of their losses from that point.

Require anyone voting to provide the above information and make a legally binding commitment to the above, to be handled by an independent third party to ensure enforcement and recovery of any ill-gotten gains.

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This one tries to make a proposal that will work for everyone. All suggestions are welcome :smiley: Lets do like you say. Create an opportunity for the ecosystem to live :stuck_out_tongue: