Proposal: Terra (Luna) Public Node Infrastructure


The GetBlock team would like to apply for the grant to:

  • Deploy an individual node infrastructure for the Terra (LUNA) blockchain.
  • Operate and maintain the built node infrastructure in accordance with further developments.

About GetBlock

GetBlock, a service that provides instant API connection to full nodes from many leading blockchain platforms, started its operations in 2019. The mission of the GetBlock project is to ensure cost-effective tools and infrastructure that will help enterprises and individual developers to build high-quality blockchain applications faster.

GetBlock is among the leaders of the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) segment: its instruments are utilized daily by thousands of users worldwide. Their clients can get their wallets, DEXs, bots, games to 40+ blockchains via an intuitive API-powered dashboard.

Besides providing access to shared and dedicated nodes, GetBlock can empower businesses with other products, like custom infrastructure services for enterprises and startups or a blockchain explorer.


The GetBlock team will run and maintain shared nodes of Terra (public infrastructure) and provide access to them at We are going to deploy an individual infrastructure for Terra, a cluster of blockchain nodes supported by a load balancer. API access to Terra nodes will be provided to any user registered at for free for one year (the Terra team can prolong this term any time). The number of requests to be sent by a user to Terra nodes will be unlimited.

Initially, we plan to build an infrastructure consisting of 8 blockchain nodes that will be able to handle 1000 requests/sec (RpS). If these nodes do not bear the specified workload, the infrastructure will have to be scaled for the additional fee.

API access to the Terra dedicated nodes will be provided on general conditions, on a fee basis.

None of the components will be open source. We have created our own infrastructure and are unable to share it. We could provide you only general information about infrastructure components.

Server specification:

  • CPU 10 cores 20 threads

  • 64Gb RAM

  • 4Tb NVME SSD

Load tests results for 1 node:

  • 100.0% methods

  • 20.0% block

  • 20.0% txs_hash

  • 20.0% validatorsets

  • 20.0% node_info

  • 20.0% block_height

140 RPS per Node

We recommend deploying 8 blockchain nodes with the load balancer. They will be able to handle 1000 requests per second (RpS).


Milestone 1
(Duration 2 weeks)

  • Servers purchasing;
  • Nodes preparing;
  • Deployment of nodes to the cluster.

Milestone 2
(Duration 2 weeks)

  • Deployment of cluster services;
  • Deployment of the load balancing service;
  • Load tests;
  • Stress tests.


The provided GetBlock node infrastructure will significantly lower the entry barrier for those who want to build on top of the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem.


The project team will consist of:

  • DevOps department (4 developers)
  • BackEnd department (1 developer)
  • Administrative department (1 PM and 1 PO)

We are unable to disclose the names of our employees due to the NDA.


$50,000 for the deployment, operation and maintenance of the Terra (LUNA) public node infrastructure.
GetBlock will continuously support the operation, maintenance and upgrade of the Terra (LUNA) blockchain nodes provided by GetBlock. The grant will help to cover human resources and machine costs.