[Proposal] The simplest way to save LUNA

Hello lunatics,

I work for a large multinational company and take care about launching new business and deal with business plans as well.

In the past few days I have seen several proposal and I spent time to go trough each one and there are some very complex that in my opinion could have some positive effects, but might trigger legal situation that I think in this moment every proposal is underestimating. Other proposals are just too complex to work, they require global tokenomics and assuming that CEXs can implement them overnight. It will take 12 months just for the development of what is being proposed.

Any possible redistribution of wealth will trigger scenarios where non beneficiary can put together a valid case of enormous complexity (I have purchased Luna to help during the crash, I had my Luna staked and I couldn’t sell, I was not warned by exchanges that the supply was inflated etc). You can simply look at the comments and you will find dozens of example of unfortunate situations that happened to different lunatics that would be impossible to address with an arbitrary (say let’s give 40% to these people and 0% to these people). The users that will not be happy to what they get will bring the exchanges in this discussion and the noise that will bring up will completely destroy the LUNA brand and reputation. You can’t save a project financially with action that would destroy the brand and reputation.

Personally I think the most defensible way to save Luna is to use 90% of the reserve funds to buy and remove the tokens from the circulation. That would immediately bring the price up to a point that can attract new investors and bring in new capital. Luna can’t be saved in a day, let’s be honest and admit that this is not possible. You need a structured plan that spans at least 12 months but the only way to refund is to re-attract people in investing in LUNA. You can’t do that having a meme coin supply around. Put a 12 months target to reach 10$ as a goal, starting from a price of 0.1$ after burning and in a year you can there. You can use the 10% remaining funds for development and to sustain the plan to reach 10$ by mid-2023.

In other words let the market save LUNA starting from a point where LUNA can be saved by the market. Only the market can save LUNA at this point.

I am not intending with my post to say that other proposals are not good (there are some financially very strong) but I have seen all of them forgetting about the big elephant in the room : that there are thousand of hundreds of very specific investors situations all characterised by combination of factors that let them lose money that cannot be reversed. Any plan would fail on one category or another and will lead to a pile of legal disputes. Each legal action will be a case on its own characterised by thousand of factors.

No one can attack a proposal where the reserve funds are used to destroy the excess supply. You can also bring other people in this efforts, partners and exchanges can contribute to burn the supply to support the LUNA recovery. We can fundraise additional funds to burn the supply. The entire world of crypto could contribute to save LUNA if you take this path….

Take all care.

I have not sold my LUNA down to zero and I won’t, this is my way to support even if it means losing everything. And we should all be ready that the only plan might work is a long term plan, there isn’t a short term plan that will give money back to everyone. It’s hard to deal with for some people but we have to face reality and rebuild. Don’t go in the direction of creating another coin/fork, LUNA can still be saved. The fork won’t have the same value. I wouldn’t put a single 0$ in a fork, and many investors won’t. Most likely: people will run away with their money.

Summary :

  • 90% finance burn + fundraise and partners and community driven initiatives to burn the supply

  • 10% finance to rebuild (e.g. build global tokenomics to burn each transaction)


Excellent Points

No Forks!!

Resurrecting UST is the final and last step, not the focus of today.

Luna is a winner and we need to stick to it and with it.

Burning, taxing and fees are tools we can use.

Removing inflationary supply with all means necessary is crucial

Going back in time is not possible.

Moving forward with what we have and who we have is our only viable way out and focus.

Our focus is moving forward- not fixing the past.

Luna’s future is bright.

Luna’s past has blight.

Save Luna, delay UST, remove inflationary supply

Tax and create fees to support ecosystem and burn.

Tomorrow is a better day.


This stupid guy will develop new coins and he wants LUNA to disappear

Big voices is talking about this solution. I think is the only way to recover Luna, Terra and UST if they want to save. Any compensation is the final rugpull and exit-scam

I’m not sure this option is in their head because they didnt use BTC to buy luna, they just minted more and more. Also, they never had this as main proporsal. Hopefully community dont stay selfish and vote in this direction to save entire ecosystem instead some wallets


There is no insurance for crypto. There is no way a fork would keep everyone happy. Where does the value come from? The trades the last 24h shows the brand has value. The supply needs to slowly (over months) reduce. Gather funds from staking / trading / tax and slow burn. Same fund may be used once everything is stable as an insurance fund for future unforeseeable events.


Some people won’t wake up. Yesterday they proposed to develop a new currency. Amid so many objections, they still insist on developing a new currency today, which makes people angry


All proposals to save UST or Fork has been made with the intension to cash out and run. Very few are actually trying to save, rebuild and grow. It is obvious what needs to done to save Terra as mentioned in this post as well the 8 steps post.

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Change the CEO of Terra

For what we can see,

after one week of complete damage on the UST and LUNA,

the trust in the leadership is totaly lost :

(non exaustive resume)

    • dissolution of the company whithout information
    • crash of UST and LUNA the day after
    • no response to stop those crashes (even if Binance proposed emergency solutions)
    • pretention to have spend Billions to save the UST and LUNA without any proof, (apart that it failled totaly)
    • creation of enormous amount of LUNA coins, extremly quickly, and without information or consultation first
    • no respect of the wishes of the community to propose solutions to save UST and LUNA
    • false vote of the « solution » prepared by DK to make a fork (V2) which is not at all considered as a solution by nearly everybody in the crypto industry
    • All the lawers have abandonned the staff, the corean authoritys are making an enquest about him, and it appears that DK has yet made a stablecoin years ago which was yet a big fail …
    • We wait to see if this man is responsable of this crash, and where passed the 80 000 BTC supposed to save the UST.

Meanwhile, it seems very important to change the gouvernance of UST, LUNA , TERRA,

to save the blockchain and the assets of millions of inversors…

The community seems very competent and creative to find solutions and impulse them…

The community have to take the leadership and through away mister DK.

This is a proposal and little resume for now, my little contribution, just to think about (I don’t know more).

Thanks to this beautifull community…

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