Fix Luna - to become most robust project out here

there is utility in LUNA / UST - and there will be issues in scaling, V2 will not protect against the attacks and/or other issues, but fixing the current situation will make the ecosystem the most robust project out there

Do and LFG need to show decisive leadership and fix the problems

  • I think they have to make that decision, If they do and they fix it they can become legends, (on the other hand they can take the money they have now and leave, but in this case they will be leaving so much on the table)

principle: burn the 6B Luna - reduce the supply - list of technical solutions needs to be specified, probably will need more then one silver bullet, but definitely can be done

  • lets fix LUNA

I disagree with this proposal. We need to restart from before the attack. Not to let those who are buying billions of luna now make a profit opportunistically


Totally, many don’t understand this.

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In the current situation, if such an action is taken, the luna will actually be buried.

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and what will be the result of V2 ? probably keep all the problems and wreck all the users

@Marc1 need to try to promote the idea

Why should the opportunistic traders right now be rewarded? You did a 10x in 24h, congrats, now leave the project for the holders that actually were using the dApps and protocols and contributing to the chain value, both before, during and after the crash.

I don’t get why is that so hard to understand.

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What do you think about this idea?


why is that a problem if someone stands to make money in the short term,

if you care about the protocols, correct motivation is to have a solution that will provide a long term solution

  • the fork will prevent new users from making profit and collapse the protocols

proving LUNA can resist the attack will be better for everyone

Say someone moved X luna to binance, swapped it for Y usd and withdrew it to their bank acount during the past few days. How do you suppose reseting the blockchain will get this value back?

Holders… ahahaha… 90% of holders sold their coins in a panic and pressed the price down. If they didn’t, everything would be fine. What should they be rewarded for? For the fact that they arranged all this? You are a man of genius


Everything is biased as most or all are speaking from a standpoint of self interest. After all, everyone is in it for the money. Pretend that youre not , but you are. So everyone who lost money is reward in a new chain, granted and to whom do they sell the new tokens? Some magically appeared investors while there is an old token taking in capital as well? Why not focus on present chain and burn the tokens? This way, both old and new investors benefit while maintaining the chain rather than split it and end up losing all. Then old investors are angry newer ones would make easy money, which is understandable but then, i believe old investors also had their time eventhough ill luck weighed in. life isn’t fair afterall. Focus on the greater impact.

this solution is a great idea, but I guess some additional actions will need to be added as well - to rebound strong (6B luna needs to be burned )