Proposal to Change MaxEntries Parameter from 7 to 1000

This proposal is set in motion by LunaPunks NFT Staking Smart Contract ecosystem. Due to the nature of the ecosystem supporting 10,000 owners of the NFT. The current landscape of 7 undelegating wallets per validator is not working for trustless Smart Contract managed dApps like LunaPunks.
Changing the parameter to enable 1,000 undelegations will enable and allow for a robust smart contract development friendly blockchain ecosystem. Making Terra classic slightly more sexy for smart contract developer teams like LunaPunks.

We want to be a blockchain that enables and facilitates smart contract development. We want to support the teams that are currently providing and lending their delicate hands to our rock hard solid ecosystem. In lieu of shooting to the moon, somehow, we must take care of our local projects.
We are looking forward for this parameter change which will allow our more of our users to claim their accrued rewards from LunaPunks smart contract staking, valued at 345 million Lunc.

We are calling for a parameter change. Currently, the default max undelegation is set to 7 which is default of cosmos.
Starting this proposal as a forum posts to gather any thoughts from our Lunc & Cosmos community about potential perspectives regarding this parameter change that might be important to note.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Proposed Parameter change

   "title":"Parameter change: increase max entries of undelegation to 1,000 wallets",
   "description":"Change 1000 max entries",

What are the negative side effects, if any, if this is increased?

This is really a good question.

To be frank there isn’t much issues, as the maximum value of maxEntries is meant to be u32 or 4,294,967,295.

Although, increasing the maxEntries can definitely cause issues, mostly on the validator side, if an attacker decides to undelegate all amounts, it can add unnecessary bloat to the state of the validators. Having said that, if an attacker truly wanted to, they could very well cause the same impact by creating multiple wallets to exact a similar attack.

This is the only negative side effect I can squeeze out.

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