Proposal to secure the chain

Forking will lead to total mess…

  1. Exchanges
    they never disclosed how to deal with exchanges, some of you are holding on exchanges and exchanges are not going explain what will happen at the end of next week. I see lawsuits against with Exchanges as well. Because exchange introduce the assets with interesting APY.

  2. Fork and redistribute at Multi Network
    Forking can be done easily when you have only one chain network, but this one has more than one main chain. What a disaster to go through. But the stable Do Kwon never explains for people who holds coin on different network.

  3. Stealing UST
    Forking should be going into two branches with validators votes. But trying to remove UST by giving little more new luna is NOT totally acceptable. It is illegal to fork. I think, Stable Do Kwon is trying to vacuumed all the UST from community wallets and collected them, so he could used at lawsuits such as less refund later with pegging regulation.

  4. Rigging the Vote
    We all know validators has more vote power, so some of Terra team created new validator and votted to vote Yes. That is cheating.

  5. Locking 2 Years
    The assets locking for 2 years without consensus from the community. You put everything at one proposal. That is not how should it be. We should vote each items one by one. Locking 70% of people assets is another attempts to take time. We cannot trust on waiting without escrow. We need escrow than the airdrops.

This proposal should be vote to cancel the whole mess proposal of Do Kwon. And he should be removed from Terra Ecosystems for 7 yrs. He can voice or whatever he wants from now on, but community will decide any inputs which is going to contribute.


  • Reject the Do Kown Proposal and ban him for 7 yrs
  • itemized each items to vote if proposal got too many decisions to make
  • Revote with Validator transparency
    Validators cannot vote by themselves, validator must get decision by community votes, that will prevent the voting rigs