[Proposal] We should ask CZ & Binance for help, if Do Kwon and the team still remain silent

At least somebody cares about the users and tweets, because your leader Kwon went radio silent and disappeared [quote=“lunaking, post:20, topic:15926, full:true”]
cz’s plan is shit, he only cares about his users, who bought luna at the bottom. He doesn’t care about luna, bluna stakers(the most important portion in luna community)

Just buy luna supply and burn it!

Only when it comes to the market, but when it comes to a planned robbery with a defect as an excuse, it doesn’t work that way. People have been robbed and the law is already in the works.

You do know if GS390 or whatever leadership got us in this mess was continually posting on here that would be insane? I’m assuming proxy means a fake account?

They are doing 1 of two things.

  1. trying to solve the problem, maybe working with CZ to give him all the info so he can do something about it.
    or 2) They are running away with the last billion in BTC funding and wouldn’t post in the forums because that would risk giving away their whereabouts.

As for my post, if anyone asks about a possible break even scenario for themselves so they have some hope, I’ll post it for them. I’ve read a ton of ideas on this forum and although I don’t have any idea of what will or won’t work, I’m not discounting any idea. And I’m def not going to discount an idea because someone trashes it and calls me a proxy. You’d get more people to agree with you if you were not hostile and we need consensus on something or nothing will get done.

oh shit, if vitalik is commenting, maybe vitalik could take over instead. He probably doesn’t even know anyone who ever used terra

Whoever is trustworthy and can help the community to restructure, without doing the fork

Doing a fork is like abondon the ship, no one will trust you again

Set burn rate at 0.1% per transaction, thats the only way to go

Getting CZ or Vitalik is to restore the confidence of Public

This one of the worst moments of my life. I am down 40% of my net worth. Do Kwon needs to step to the side. He should be involved but not the man in charge.

As long as Do Kwon is still in his position, LUNA nor UST will never recover. This person is the most dummy thing in the Terra ecosystem. The entire system must be sold to CZ

If people do not understand what and why they invest in, and how it works, and start cutting down the tree on which the fruits ripen for them, then this is their problem)
The manipulator just plucked a couple of apples… and the hamsters cut down the tree and are now crying )

Im with you bro 33k in ust and 20k in luna my 3 years mostly gone but im stilll holdig on binance like mostly people who buy ust like “stable” first day someone should throw kwokwon when this start i think all things what happen after depeeg its ffor prosecutor>
When i look realistic someone still play for company fall and faster or later someone fill find answer also in terra u have gay from word economic forum wtf he doin there ? Same like option with goverment like prepare for this u saw Jannet jeleń …

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How does Do Kwon and his team giving all the info / keys so CZ or Vitalik can take over make Do Kwon “the man in charge”? And I lost WAY more than you