[Proposal] We should ask CZ & Binance for help, if Do Kwon and the team still remain silent

Why dont we just let CZ and Binance took over the whole thing? Since Do Kwon and his team have been silent for 2 days

Sell the entire Terra Ecosystem to CZ and Binance for $1 and ask them to restructure the whole mess

Of cause burn rate at 0.1% for every transaction should be in part of the whole plan


Yes, we can, but does CZ agree that this is the best outcome

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Why do they want it? $$$$

Do you think he’s out of business?
Do you happen to think that the trading pair on Binance is only in its stablecoin?)
Perhaps it is he and his friends who are now actively speculating between the exchanges, through a loophole closed to us.

Although, in my vision, robots should now be connected to the main exchanges to buy back an excess amount of coins at a meager price, without their pump.
Of course, the price would increase over time anyway. But not to exorbitant heights.
And it seems quite realistic to reduce emissions in this way by 70% or even more.

And the one who sold them at any price is solely to blame. This is how the market works. The weak leave and the strong take their place.

Just a tweet to CZ being humble and accepting the defeat so they can put somebody on top and take a new lead


Let’s all ask him or other reliable parties for help

GS390 just pop out with another shitty proposal, he is the one sink Luna and UST

Please dont trust him and vote against all his proposals

He sold us and will sell us to hell again!!!

CZ may be the richest person in the world. Although he has his own stablecoin and chain, he could still benefit tremendously by bailing out/ restoring UST and LUNA.
By injecting $10 billion to restore UST, he could make make multiples more with his shares of LUNA2 and he could heavily long the new mini bull market he would create…

I also would be willing to buy and lock BNB for 5 years, perhaps half the amount of UST.


Yes, I agree with you. Does Do Kwon have any ground reality what the fckry he has done? Why the team hasn’t removed him from this project…


Hope the board takes a decision soon about him

I do agree. We should at least reach out to him and hear his plan. No time to sit around and keep thinking!

The only thing I am reaching out to him with is a pitchfork. The Emperor watched his palace burn to the ground. Do need to go!

It looks like CZ is down to help from his last tweets 6 hours before this thread was created.

If anyone can save this project and make everyone whole again it’s CZ. Even if he doesn’t make everyone whole again, it’s better something happen than nothing.

I do hope the decisions are made over a kinda longer period of time so the plan won’t be half assed and with more time, more people are less emotional.

When I saw my bank account go down, I was planning on going to a gun range and kissing a 22 revolver. I saw this forum and the team talking about bringing back the system and that they had a billion left in reserves and I got a bit of hope (might be false hope, but still). Decided not to do it and as time goes on, I realize I still got my health, still got some money somewhere and I got time to rebuild even if I don’t get anything back. Although i’m still very shook by the whole situation and still frantic, I’m less emotional and actually had a few hours of sleep last night.


We need to force him to make a deal with CZ, so far in the last 48hours he didnt made any movement or new communication

There are 2 threads made by GS390, could be the proxy of someone and is trying hard to sell the fork plan, which was told publicly by all the big shots it wont work

Please go and vote “No” in these 2 threats made by GS390, whom caused us into this deep mess

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Yes, only a few people can save Luna, including CZ,

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I wasnt aware of LUNA or UST until it was in the news i bought in at 99% down and got 250000 tokens at $15, i plan on holding on for dear life because from first glance it seems as though theres backing to try and revive the ecosystem.

My concern though is what happens to me and the others like me who bought in after the depegging and subsequent crash in the event of a restructuring, or a snapshot reset?

If it was an option id be willing to burn half of my tokens if it would help the price but i also understand the amount i have is a snowflake compared to the amount others hold, held, and have lost.

There was a post i read where people who invested in luna would get a prorated amount of luna version 2. So if you spent 100 dollars on it and sold for 50, you’ll get 50 dollars worth. If you bought at 15 and didn’t sell, you’d get 15 dollars worth or 15 dollars of the entire amount hat was counted. So if new lunas marketcap gets to the same level before the peg, you’d break even.

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Forking wont work, it was told by those big guys

Stop using new proxies and trying to sell your lousy plan to everyone, GS390

RJ1, as far as my concern, you are the proxy of GS390, whom was the one suggested and pushed through increase the mint of Luna and sent everyone to hell

Go figure out how to wash off the blood on your hands

No UST2 and No Luna 2, no one will trust a captain who abondon his ship and sent his people to hell

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This does not take into account the return to the original number of coins and fairness)
All coins printed in excess of the original amount must be burned. And return only the amount of USD spent on the purchase after the collapse. All transactions and their value are stored on exchanges.
And of course, return this amount in LUNA tokens, but of course not in thousands and millions, but at a very preferential price relative to the cost before the crash.

Look at this