Proposals to clear all ustc supply

way to clear all the ustc supply by minting new ustc to buy lunc,v1.0
1:mint 1b ustc and buy lunc at a preset price of 120 to 1ustc and sell back all the 120b lunc that we buy using the 1b ustc at a preset price of 9lunc to 1ustc.
this will clear all 11b ustc supply that we have in the market 1b new mint ustc + about 10b current ustc supply.
if ustc price up,but lunc price not moving,
this will make the ustc to lunc price going up,
so we will move to next step.
2:mint 1b more ustc and buy lunc at a preset price of 250lunc to 1ustc and sell back 250b lunc that we just buy using ustc at a preset price of 20lunc to 1ustc.
this time,for the 250b lunc that we just sell,we can clear about 12b ustc supply,2bustc that we mint+10b current supply.and now,we also have extra 120b lunc,that we can use to fund Oracle Rewards Pool,etc.
what if,ustc again,up,but lunc not,ustc to lunc price,again,going up.
than we will again move to next step.
3:mint 1b more ustc and buy lunc again,at a preset price of 500lunc to 1ustc and sell back 500b lunc that we just buy for a preset price of 35 to 1ustc.
for this,we will clear all 13b ustc supply in the market,3b ustc that we mint+10b ustc current supply.and this time,we will have extra 370b lunc that we buy in step 1 and 2…
or again,next step,
4:mint 1b ustc and buy lunc at a preset price of 1000 to 1ustc and sell back 1t lunc at a preset price of 60lunc to 1ustc.
in this step,we will clear all 14b ustc supply+ we will have extra 870blunc.
by now,the ustc price will be so high and we will lock a lot of lunc supply.
we can also go to step 5 mint 1b lunc and buy 2t lunc or step 6,mint 1b ustc and buy 4t lunc and now,about all lunc supply will be lock.
only this way,we can clear all the ustc and restart from 0.
and will also help the lunc price and ustc price in the process.

LUNC supply is 6.8 trillion
USTC supply is 98.b or so

As discussed earlier - your proposal makes no sense and napkin math is based on the presumption that minting will not affect the current pricing.

It does not make any sense and has no other outcome than death of the chain.

Each time you mint more - you dilute the USTC price.
Then you buy LUNC. Burn LUNC.

Then you dilute USTC even more - to buy LUNC at an inflated price. Each time getting less and less.

USTC supply only gets bigger and repegging it gets harder.

Ever heard of inflation and buying power?

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ustc supply is 9.8b not 98b.the problem is,we are not using $value for this but lunc to if we mint 1b ustc,and buy lunc at a preset price of 120lunc to 1ustc,we will get 120b lunc,after that,when did i talk about burn?we will now sell back the 120b lunc that we have,at a preset price of 9lunc to 1ustc,so we will get back about 11bustc the total supply that we have.

Misplaced dot on my part.
9.8b was my intention.

Yet the idea is the same. It’s a way to end the chain.

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is not true,can you please give more info on the claim that you make?how this will end the chain?

Agree. At this moment only massive ustc burns can support repeg plans, dapps restore.
P.S. Market cant take even current volumes for sale. Any “mintings” may result in de list from Binance, CZ already warned about this by reducing burns.

we are not selling the ustc that we mint on market but we will use that to buy lunc at a preset price of 120lunc to 1ustc,from that,we will get 120b lunc,what we will do next is wait for the ustc to lunc price drop to 9lunc to 1ustc and we will just use the 120b lunc to buy back all 11b ustc in the supply and burn all the ustc and start from 0.binance only burn lunc,not ustc so this,will be not a problem for binance.and just for your info,no one will use ustc if the price will move up and down a to burn if no one will use?i will say that this is the only hope that we have to restart ustc.

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You need to read how swaps working and Terra 1.0 in general.
According to your own logic, it will be possible to reduce the lunc supply by minting lunc aslo. Lol.

P.S. Better ask DK about lunc and ustc in LFG and anothers TFL wallets.

you will just need to do the calculation to no the answer.what you just need is a correct way of doing it.

about the tfl wallet,after we done with all other wallet,we can just offer a lunc to ustc buyback price and give a time line for that,than we maybe can just start back from 0 from a new coin, the end of the day,is about you sell,or you keep with 0 value maybe after that.but we will not do that if ustc in a low value.we will only do that,after we mint about 6b ustc,at that poin of time,about all the supply of lunc is lock so is easy for us to set the price and at that point,the price of lunc and ustc maybe will be more than 1$.