Redenomination & Set Max Supply For LUNC

Hello i want to ask something about my personal opinion with this current situation of luna classic. and this is maybe help for the community

First to do is set a maximum supply to ensure the minting is stopped. terra can set total maximum supply is based on total supply of lunc. this is to gain and improve trust for new investor and maybe new developer to build on Lunc

After maximum supply has been set. second things to do is redenomination with ratio 1000:1 (1000Lunc : 1New Lunc) and price too

this redenomination won’t affect anything for. marketcap / price still the same.

Example how to redenomination works
(Ratio 1000:1 Lunc)

Price Now (USD) : 0.00007018 / LUNC
Total Supply Now : 6.9 T

If the redenomination:

Price will be : 0.07018$ / New Redenomination Lunc
Total supply will be : 6.9 B

Last for the step : taxes / Fee will be re-calculated for the same ratio of redenomination.

thankyou. all comment will be appreciated :wink:


This is the only way.
Don’t know why everyone ignores this and prefers burning breadcrumbs instead. Fucking brainless sheeps shouting “$1 possible” whenever 1k tokens are burned.

Interesting but not a good idea. That’s merely an artificial way to change the price, but every holder is hurt by this and it’s usually only done in desperation. This is essentially a reverse split as in stocks. Not a positive thing! The harder longer path is the rebuild and burn over time even if it takes longer.

You’re right! We definitely are not in a desperate situation. Let’s keep burning. See you in 250 years! We have all the time in the world.


Completely useless, only taxes+burns.

crazy proposal

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