Fix LUNC Supply &

A brief description of the proposal’s intent and desired end-result. This should be succinct and should not be more than a few sentences.
Lunc supply fixed
Now infinite max supply #LUNC
we first changed
total supply 1:1 max supply
Total supply 1:1 total supply
Circulation supply 1:1 circulation supply
And burning system max decrase supply
Maybe stake of burn system(1:1.001)) ,or gas fee buyback(need to contact exchanges save%50)
And frozen team wallet 10 years

Describe how and why this proposal should be effected and how it is beneficial to the protocol. Visuals should be used where necessary to help lay out the key elements of your argument.
This stop minting new lunc

Go into detail on how this proposal will help tackle or resolve the issue.
Lay out the action items in clear terms with defined time lines

Protect to attack or fud #LUNC

It is better to write a CZ. He actively supported passed proposal 2.0, but still ignores passed proposal tax+burn.