Repeg USTC and Burn Lunc By creating a Games and app funded by community


We would like the community funding to help create Mobile Apps and games which would in return Provide Capital to Repeg USTC and Burn All Supply of Lunc, until we are down to 2 Billion Lunc.

The games and funds generated from it will forever belong to Lunc Community .

We propose to Create a Multiple High quality games which would require NFT’s to play.

We would generate Funds by selling NFT to everyone in open via a web site ( Open sea or Market Place)

NFT would only be sold via Lunc, Different Kind of NFT’s would be available at different prices

After Purchasing the NFT Gamers would be able to play games and earn Game Points would would lead them to getting hold of a Super Rare Token ( GAME X) which would be listed on Top tier ( tier 1) across the Crypto Platform with a MAXIMUM Supply if 1 Million.

We expect to Burn all Lunc supply by the time 1 Million token are Minted ( we want to achieve this target in 3 Years) after the launch of Platform

Every time 1 token is minted by the User, 1 Token from the total supply of GAME X token will be issued to Burn Lunc OR Help Repeg of USTC, this would be done on quarterly Basis

We would also Like to create a Merc store for Generating Income from the same funds and Games.

After Successful Completion of games and merc store, we plan to introduce apps to Lunc, which will allow users to Purchase on web sites Like AMAZON using Lunc

The Funds Generated by the NFT Sales and Merc Store are to be used in following ways

20% to help Repeg USTC to a $, we plan to implement/ help REDLINE ( Please read) incremental plan/Proposal

20% to Burn Lunc Every Month

40% for Running Costs and try to move away from community funding and become Self Sustainable

20% as reserves for staking Lunc ( Emergency Fund)

The development cost of this entire project is expected to be undertaken by the community until it becomes self sustainable

Total Cost for this project USD $1.2 Million, time frame 3 Years ( we expect the Project to become profitable and self sustainable much earlier)

We would not need $2 Million from the word go, we would split this cost and like the funds to be released gradually over the period of time

We will need funding of 300,000$ per exchange ( we only plan to list GAME X token on top tier Exchange) this would be the last stage before the project Launches

We will Start with $50,000 a month to build and buy infrastructure and then gradually plan todecrease it to $30,000 a month and once the platform is live and operation we plan to reduce down to $20k and keep on reducing the cost.

Cost Breakup
Salaries: $25,000-$30,000 a month
$10,000 towards Equipment
$1000 toward Rent and Electricity
$8000 towards Misc. Expenses and contingency

Records of every $ spent will be made available via Receipts of equipment purchased, Rent paid Name and Tax Filed etc.

The development of a complete game usually involves a team of 20 (minimum) individuals with various responsibilities, including programmers, artist, designers, sound , testers etc.

The remaining funds will sit Idle and will be used for Marketing and Promotional purposes.

These details would be provided to community if and when the project passes approval
Later on we would need this funding for promotions and Marketing of the games and apps, we create

Also please do remember these cost will go down, once the project has been completed and App have become Self Sustainable

Your feedback is welcome


Who are you, what are your experiences? You are requesting more funding than the L1 Layer team for vague ideas and already talking about a merc store for games which don’t even exist? For such a high funding you need to have like a MASSIVE resume and knowledge in my opinion. Vague ideas, no names of your developers, artists etc. but very accurate in the amount of money you want

i love the idea, thats why the price of lunc is where it os now, L1 team is sleeping and eating away money

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Sounds like a great idea let’s do it , can break down your background please thx

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Think we would need way more info

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CP currently has ~$85,000. We don’t even have the money to pay the programers. So there’s no point in even talking about it.

You must be new to Terra Classic chain?
Or woefully ignorant on the funding issue of the chain.

In any case - No.

yeah money been sucked dry…all the mirrors and wormhole can’t hide the truth…

btw wrapped luna was created 8 mins before mirror, both by terra deployer.

Hello, Everything will answered, important thing here is What does community thinks of this proposal, We will share all the details required, If any dev or teams like this project they are welcome to join or if community thinks someone else can do this better, we are open to that too. We are happy as long as Lunc is burnt and USTC comes back to $1

Again remember Funds can be raised, OC can be filled up, Ratio can be voted to split to fund Devs, things change for greater good, Community needs to see what has been working and what has not been working and change.

This proposal makes very little sense
Even the numbers don’t match up.
No projections on who or why folks would ape into your NFTs and games.

And as you clearly don’t even know the community nor governance you are asking a paycheck from, I don’t see much success in this grift.

Views are welcome :slight_smile: Positive and negative, Lets see how community feels about it