Lunc value and funding increasing/Accelerate Burning/attract investment to ready for repeg

Introduction :
I saw many great idea to revive Lunc&USTC repeg model.
But, rarely idea fund finding and increase asset to prepare for back up repeg model which is starting soon.
This proposal is my vision to increase investment interest of Lunc to value-added, Transaction increase from new investors. These volume up lead to Lunc accelerate burning/ High asset funding with the avantages receiving all 3 parties. (Investors/Cex/Chain)

My Proposal: Create 1 feature in Cex.(Must be first focus at Binance), I call this feature is 2 Options earn profit(2Op). This feature will help investors who has Lunc in Binance’s Account have 2 choice to earn profit when either Lunc or BTC. price increase by spend 0.2% fee(0.1% sent to burn, 0.1% sent to communities pool). The principal of 2Op. will explain in deep detail next subject.

Carefully read and understand the chart above, It explain the reason of the advantages and work process details

1.Investors buy Lunc and store to his wallet in BN.
2.Investor spend 0.2% fee for inlet to 2Op. feature to get a chance to earn profit 2 ways and the investors who not join no need to spend.
When Investors inlet to 2Op. feature.
3. BN. move Lunc to sub-wallet in BN. and convert to BTC, in the same time BN. reserve the same amount of Lunc for back up. So, investors have 2 withdrawal options.
3.1 When BTC. price increase: Example: Investor join 2Op. amount 0.2BTC after Lunc converting at BTC.’s price around 29,000 USD. when the BTC. price increase higher than 29,000 USD. they can choose withdraw in the BTC. and earn the profit from price difference.(0.2BTC x (price difference)) and BN. will pull Lunc back.
3.2 When BTC. price down: They can choose withdraw in the Lunc. It’s mean Investors deposit and withdraw in Lunc. and BN. pull BTC. back.
3.3 When Lunc price increase than BTC. They choose withdraw the Lunc.
3.4 When both Lunc and BTC. price decrease, they need to hold it all.

As I mention above, BN. is the key person who will support this proposal to be real.

General View :

  1. Attract investment increase market cap from new investors because of the Lunc has 2 chance to earn profit when ETC. and Lunc price up.
  2. The 0.1% burn from 2Op. will accelerate reduce the supply if 50% volume from current market cap join will burn 300B./month.
  3. The 0.1% fee from 2Op. will increase assets in communities pool 300B./month.(50% volume condition calculating)
    Investor View :
    1. There are 2 ways to earn profit when BTC. price up and Lunc price up.
    2. It very useful on this time, The currently market BTC. price still isn’t top high and Lunc price not move. Investors can earn the profit from BTC price up and buy back the Lunc.
    3. spend 0.2% to get a chance to earn 2 ways profit is reasonable and it’s fair to other investors who not join doesn’t spend any single fee.
      Cex View :
  4. Binance is a great partner spend 50% fee of their own burn every month. This isn’t a good business model to BN and Lunc. I suggest community request BN. stop 50% fee their own burning and change to support us with 2Op. feature.
  5. Cex and Binance has massive amount of Lunc’s supply in they wallet, If they join 2Op. It will effectively use the lunc in they account.
  6. During convert Lunc => Btc, there are 0.1% fee occur earn to Cex.(This %fee is depend on each Cex’s condition)
    Chain View : Assets increase from 2Op.’s 0.1% fee sent directly to Communities pool.

The Rule: This idea propose to help to manage for bring back Lunc and Ustc to original algorithm relationship.

  1. It must close when we have asset enough to peg the USTC.
  2. It must close when the Lunc supply reducing until remain 800Bilion-1T. in circulating supply.
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How will this prop help USTC? I doubt any who are trading on binance want to be taxed so thinking you will capture 50% of volume is insane.


The Assets increasing in communities pool will prepare for back up to USTC.

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Anything that messes with the current burning help or requires exchanges is risky. We could lose it all.

We can’t keep hitting CEXs with request after request for parameter changes or extra taxes. Let’s let redline work on the USTC thing before we bombard the like Binance with request after request. We are getting help from them but we are not the only crypto.

While redline works on USTC it would be more prudent to burn more USTC on chain as this is easier for us to achieve.

If we say took all our tax and focus it toward USTC for 6 months we can prepare and walk up the value and drive hype ourselves.

Once news hit we are burning X amount a day USTC in preparation for repeg it would drive investment.

I’m not technically minded like you guys so it’s not a proposal or anything like that. Just a simple increased burn focused toward USTC on chain. Drive hype, increase burn, increase money…

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If you want funds earmarked for ustc repeg you should not send it to community pool, there it can be used by anyone with a spend prop. Already up for voting? why are you rushing? This will fail hard :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for your comment,Seany.
I will share you for my vision to USTC. first and last here. The USTC will be the strongest in the world in next future because of we have the sea of lunc supply(6.9T). If the lunc price increase Just 0.1USD with supply 1T. The USTC has assets back up 1,000%. That why we should invest to USTC.

My proposal is business condition propose to BN.
It doesn’t nonsense request.
And, if we lose the tax fee, BN. will lose more.
They will lose the confidential from Investors.
How your attitude to BN. I see them are a part of development team because of the thing they do always give to our community and this time they should receive it back.

Actually, we have L1 team and Ed.Kim are doing develope the Lunc. That,why i will not touch.

Hope my answer is clear for you.

If this proposal pass. I will give proposal change from Communities pool to Oracle pool.

You shouldn´t put it in the oracle pool either. This should have been discussed and changed before voting but you already put it up. Im sorry but this feels rushed and i doubt it will pass.

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Overall, I don’t think the idea is bad. But Redline should see it and evaluate it. We should discuss the amendments proposed above. Suggest validators to vote no NO this proposal. And once we’ve discussed it, you’ll make a new proposal. V2

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You bad start work. This is nothing wrong, but all the more so this proposal should be temporarily rejected. First, it should be a signaling proposal. Do we want it at all. And who is supposed to do it, e.g. L1. The second proposal should concern talks with CEX. And who is to talk to them? If they agree to continue. Follow Redline with suggestions. It is obvious that the community accepts this form of proposal. It will be best if you put on a new agora as soon as possible. And we’ll all think about it there. But don’t make a new proposal right away. Let’s talk a little about that.

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Thanks, Bro.
We can discuss now.
Can you provide the representative nominate to talk this proposal to BN.?

Redline must be brought here first. Ask if there is any conflict with his plan. I’ll write to him. And as for the issue of candidates for talks with CEX. It’s a bit of a dream, but maybe Redline would agree if you don’t want to. Although he has a lot of work now, but he will surely have experience after repeg. IF he likes it. Or he simply refuses, he has every right. Then L1. Here I would give them a free hand, let them choose who talks best.


I wrote to him on discord and agore. Let’s wait what he says. Also write to him to be sure.

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Good afternoon, the supply of LUNC will only decrease to 10 billion if you use the same source that minted trillions, that is via market swap without minting only burnings. any other idea other than that will take forever. Because in fact they are burning money, for the swap you burn LUNC and not money, because everything is exchanged. You can put whatever tax it is, it won’t work, best idea and redline that realized that. Let’s wait for the deals he will make with the CEXS.

Reply Redline:

I also think you have to wait for a while. Let’s see what CEX says. Too much at once may not seem serious. However, do not throw this idea away. Put it in a drawer and don’t forget about it. It’s my opinion. Also for a while NO in the future we will see.


Do not be discouraged :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are correct, My proposal should be validate by Redline.
And, I agree with his opinion.

Exactly what I said. Bombarding CEXs with requests could backfire in a bad way.

I appreciate the effort, however we already have a proposal for USTC Repeg that passed without the risks your proposal involves, this would just complicate things since I can see clearly they are two different worlds. I would advice to get in contact with @RedlineDrifter and share your ideas as he’s proposal passed and you might come of help in the process.

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Korek_Aksosek already done for me.