Request for Proposal: Money markets on Terra

So, I’ve been thinking about how to abstract yield farming for everyday users so they can tap into DeFi yields without having to understand the complex mechanisms that underpin it. Essentially, I think users should be able to:

For any in set A = {stablecoin, synthetic stocks, cryptocurrencies} 

earn interest denominated in any asset in set A
  • Earn UST interest in UST deposits
  • Earn UST interest in Bitcoin deposits
  • Earn mAPPL interest in mAPPL deposits
  • Earn UST interest in mAPPL deposits

The easy way to facilitate this is for there to be a money market on top of Terra - this would allow borrowers to take out loans in any asset in A, deploy them to pools where there is yield. In return, the user can earn interest as in any money market.

Abstraction is key here: the user doesn’t need to know about what a money market is, or how the yield is generated. A spec for this idea, called “easy finance” is here: Quip

In order to facilitate this, we need a money market to be built on top of Terra. Any developers interested in building / running this project?


Hi, I’m a developer interested in this project with more than 5 years of working experience and some Luna. I’m web full-stack and I usually do Node.js development. Please message me.

I want to see this run as a DAO with a governance token that manages the project via on-chain voting and the potential to vote in the rights to future cash flows from a percentage of the yield generated. I would invest in this project (feel free to DM me on Twitter or Telegram @madcapslaugh) if you are interested in building this.

Hey - do you have a tg I can reach you at? mine is @dokwon


Was this project ever actioned/commissioned?

I run a university IT product development program and would be interested in offering something like this as a long term open source project for students to work on.


This project was launched in March.

Actually working on a similar project if interested

Say more?

Hi @dokwon so we’re planning on doing this with US community banks/credit unions. Helping them put their idle funds to work and then offering an API to offer the same to their customers through an insured custodial wallet. Would love to speak on this more with you because we’re pretty close to LOIs being signed by some big names within the respective industry but can tell you more.