Sporadic, massive jump ups of LunaT's circulating supply

Why did LunaT’s circulating supply jump up sporadingly in a big scale?
2022-01-22->23: 355Mio → 404Mio
2022-03-11->12: 361Mio → 375Mio

Market Cap of of UST did grow smothly in those time periods - see image…

That means those jumps are not caused by the default Luna/Terra pegging mechanisms. Does the Terra Luna projects mint LunaT sporadically to large extent for their own financing? Where can I find a roadmap for those actions?

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ok - I just got the answer from those folks over in discord

There LunaT tokens in the Terra Form Labs wallet which are not counted as circulating supply. Sporadically they move tokens from that wallet to the circulating supply. Here is the wallet: