What is this?

supply -370391642046

luna supply -370 billion

all the other block explorers show 6.54 trillion.

a glitch?

what is happening?

I also went there just by chance, because the price has stabilized a bit)
I came here looking for an answer
I hope this is a good sign. There must be something good in such a wild situation in the market and in the portfolio :slight_smile:

It’s a glitch. This is the max supply - circulating supply.

have they done something to their backend tools to mess up the supply? it literally outputs -370 billion. can it be tied to the release of the new chain? like, they messed up some parameters to make it display that number

Current link will surely fetch LUNA v2 supply data.
Links for LUNAC have changed but we dont have any info about for now.
Waiting a reply.

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