Stable coin attached to gold

Dear everyone.

Several Banks are in trouble and crashing, this will be felt in different areas and will also extend beyond America. The banking sectors are rubbing their hands and seeing their prime opportunity to push through cbdc which may be the plan.

Crypto can counteract cbdc, but then it must be more stable because the majority of non-crypto users see this as a threat to finances. The banking sector has no power over crypto so they are trying to get this down.

If Lunc is a stable environment, adoption could become easier and, above all, revolutionary. It may have been a previous proposal or I see it quite simply but I was thinking about gold.

Gold is basically the basis of the financial system and not the fiat as we know it. What if Lunc is tied to a stable coin that itself is tied to the buying and selling of gold and not a fiat?

Gold has a value so I think I can make a commitment to give value to a stablecoin that can serve as a peg to Lunc. I may be wrong but everything is linked to the dollar, the dollar that today is mainly falling and losing value!

I think Lunc can make a difference here by also being attached in this way so that it becomes or can be independent of the dollar.

If this system is possible, then the current amount of Lunc in circulation will no longer be a problem (if this will be accepted by a wider public) Iā€™m just thinking out loud to share the idea with the Lunc programmers.

@ek826 do you think this could be a possibility in crypto?