I purchased a car. Online looked great, just what I needed. Got all the receipts, validation, registration information. Paid money for it.

Went to pick it up only to be presented with the shell and car maker badge.

That is what Do is doing with current LUNA - his proposal is gutting the very product and ecosystem out from behind the current token. Making it WORTHLESS to old and new money entering. (We still don’t have the transactions of how LFG used the so call peg money behind $UST - everything being rushed without audits and transparency)

But when it comes out that this current token has been gutted of all value, the entire ecosystem moved to a new chain/token, there will be a whole new range of legal problems for him INDIVIDUALLY ( I stress this point), and for the individuals that have supported, voted for it. Accessories to a crime. New money that has entered the system, because the token was allowed to trade, will come chasing.

If the token had been suspended on Day 0 then there isn’t any conspiracy to defraud as noone can buy to lose money.

So many many proposals that even piecing good bits from some of them together present a solution to the current token, inflation and the flaws of $UST. But there is a massive rush to ‘gut the car and remove all engine and key parts from it’ before I arrive to pick it up.

Now we know why the inside legal team have resigned. They see the crime. The below is not mine, but fixes $ust and the algorithmic flaws which then drives value for $LUNA & also addresses the inflation. Just one of many other great ones like the transaction burn fee proposal etc.