Terra Bridge Problem UST(BSC) ==> UST(Terra)

I used Terra Bridge to transfer from UST(BSC) to UST(Luna)
but I did not receive anything in Terra station
and the surprise is that I find (Burn) in front of the transaction by checking bscscan

Transaction Hash:

this is definitely the worst time to seek help but thank you anyway if there is any

the joke is that I made this transfer as a small participation to support Luna so the answer was … “Burn” :slight_smile:

The bridges are congested so it’s taking a long time to receive transfers. It took 3 hours for me earlier today. So you’ll need to wait. It’ll show up eventually.

I hope so
but my transaction is for almost 5 hours

Timestamp: 4 hrs 49 mins ago (May-12-2022 06:44:56 PM +UTC)

the problem is solved
Thank you & I hope it will be better for all