Terra Bridge UST to Polygon lost

I tried to transfer UST from Terra to Polygon with Terra bridge via Axelar. Here is the transaction record.


But I did not receive anything on the Polygon side. You can check

I tried to join Terra Discord to get some help, but I couldn’t join. It just says “Unable to Accept Invite”. Could somebody please help?

Aren’t all inter blockchain transfers suspended?

It looks like it arrived. Make sure you add the right token address to your wallet to view it.

You already got UST on Polygon network, just add the wrapped UST contract address Contract Address 0xeDDc6eDe8F3AF9B4971e1Fa9639314905458bE87 | PolygonScan

You’re right. Thanks for the tip. I thought that if there is a transfer made to my polygon account I should be able to find it by entering my wallet address on PolygonScan. Looks like I was wrong.