Terra bridge to wallet not received

Recently I used bridge.terra.money in sending UST from terra over to ETH I checked the wallet but it’s not in . It is successful away from terra gas used says 242,845/325,813 .Any help on this and is it gas ?

hey, how do you check if ust was received or not? i’d recommend checking on etherscan.io, as there you can see all tokens in your wallet.
chances are - you bridged erc20 version of ust that you don’t have added to your metamask.
there are 3 versions of erc20 ust currently:

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I can see my transaction on Terra Bridge account terra1jkk2zscerfugj0sjlzgx0xnk2zq6nnqk04l5jr but the UST send are still not received on my off-chain address & network (Polygon) - Is there a way to check the status of the transfer? terrasco.pe is not available anymore and redirects to Terra Finder.

hey, how do you check if you received it or not?
try checking using https://polygonscan.com/ to see if you received your ust.
maybe you sent wormhole ust and expecting axelar ust in your metamask.
there is no way currently to fetch the status of the transaction.
below are contract addresses for wormhole and axelar ust.

Polygon bridging

Wormhole: Wormhole UST
Axelar: Axelar-wrapped UST

Thanks, you’re right - I found them as Axelar wrapped UST