Terra / Devs / LFG - Think before you vote

Created “stable”-coin which is not stable… and out of this, created billions of bad debt that it’s NOT willing to honor. All that talk about how tradfi is terrible, and defi is best. Now, everyone’s starting to see that those crazy old bank people are not as evil as they seem.

Let me ask do kwon & luna team - People here are worried that this is gonna happen again, and they won’t be able to get out (again). But that’s getting ahead of themselves. What idiot CEX / DEX team would be ok with listing your future coins when you dragged down the whole system by flawed system and not honoring your debt? How would people even get INTO your new chain? Ever thought about that? where would you get your liquidity for this new coin?

To the UST holders - there’s NO way UST holders are getting ANY proposal passed. Why? B/c the devs and validators hold majority of the voting power. Talk about a flawed system. Get rich by raising debt and running away. This isn’t greedy. This is downright criminal. And where’s all that money do kwon exited? That’s right - into bitcoin/eth/tornado cash… anything BUT your own coins you’re pitching will “change the world”.

How the next stable coin will be stable (even if collateralized, who’d trust you?) Did you explain your new business model and ur plan to gain people’s trust?

Who’s gonna lead TFL? Who in their right mind would invest into a company led by a man who’s threatening people on twitter to launch George Soros style attack on its unproven financial system? If you can find that sucker, how about having him/her bail out the UST holders first? at least this wasy you’ll piss off one investment company vs. 99% of your own users.

LFG - seriously… WHY THE F are you guys still letting him do the talking? Kick him out already. Is it not THAT obvious to you guys that this guy needs to go? What kind of “foundation” is this? And what happened to this:

UST holders are screwed. Even if Terra goes back to the same old glory days (impossible at this point), market cap of Luna was $20b. UST holders holding 25% = $5B. So if $1 held before the de-peg is $0.25 at BEST because now all the people who bought it for pennies are gonna get the SAME payout as you. “Stay strong”… my ass. This is grounds for financial fraud case.

LFG people - you guys are already being doxxed. Since these guys are all rich, i assume they won’t go to jail. But that doesn’t mean there’s people out there hunting you down for blood. Do kwon… dude, your WIFE was getting death threats. Do you think this angry mob won’t recognize you? Your face is plastered all over internet dude. Are you planning to move to thailand, get sex change, and turn into a ladyboy? Someone somewhere will know who you are and as much as I hate threatening people, the results won’t be pretty. Why don’t you step down and return the $ you made from your invention since you mentioned that you’re saddened by it hurting people? Is it worth risking your life over? You’re young… you can start over. Some of the people are almost in their retirement age and some make minimum age in 3rd world countries. Doesn’t your wife have a heart?

Kick out do kwon, get new leadership, pay off UST, ask for help from CZ, make a deal with SG/korean/US gov’t, and don’t fork. That’ll be the end. I will personally get involved in gathering people to short the sh*t out of your coins at genesis… (assuming we can even get INTO it in the first place)

PS: Jesus… throttle people’s posts… won’t let me tag do kwon… this is WORSE than Facebook censorship.




Korean speakers report Do Kwon to the Prosecutors office

I fully support everything in this proposal, much better than forking anything. Let’s start the voting.

Im getting impression they think game is still going, and reset button(fork) fixes everything