Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan: Fund the Builders

Luna UST faced a death spiral and community was wiped out. The ecosystem is one of the best, and the value is in the ecosystem not UST. Let us turn Terra into a L1 like SOL, AVAX, ETH, Matic

The ecosystem needs builders, the builders need runway to continue building. With Pylon pools being unlocked, many projects lost their runway. Rewarding LUNA 2.0 to previous stake holders will only give them 1/100th of their investment back. If instead the protocols on terra were funded to continue building, then the ecosystem can come back.

Recreate the Luna with 1 billion tokens, similar to

but have them in a LP that needs to bough open market. This token is the network fee token like eth and solana, so protocols and users will need to purchase it to interact with the blockchain. Whatever funds TFL, LFG have convert it to USDC, and use pylon pool style distribution. Each protocol has community funds which they can trade for USDC, based on the protocols market price before the depeg. Pylon will distribute UST to the protocols to continue building, and use the tokens from the protocol to reward Luna, bluna, stluna, lunax, ust, aust, and lp providers with the protocols tokens. This way users are not rewarded with the new luna but instead with tokens from the building community, which could be 20-30 tokens each at previous market value.


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