Terra website vs Solana website and how we can improve it

Hi! I would like to point out a difference between Terra and Solana websites!


As we can see, the traffic on Solana website it’s double than Terra.money!

What we can learn from Solana website?

We notice that from the start, the website it’s very well structured and organized.

One big point, it’s the way they encourage developers and teams to apply for a grant and start building:

Can Terra do something similar? Can we put the Terra grants on the website and make a special category for developers like Solana?

We have over 150$mil funding and I think we should find new ways to encourage people to build and access them.

I would like to ask what means of communication and marketing are used to promote Terra Grants? What channels are being used to bring more people and devs to apply for a grant?

The main point of this topic it’s to bring more visibility for the Terra grants and bring more devs into the ecosystem!

Thank you!


Yeah! We’re working on a new version of the website :slight_smile:


that would be great dude good luck with that , can’t wait :slight_smile:
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Although I understand your point there is an argument that the use cases are different as in terra station website is used primarily for terrastation downloads and then not used again as users move to the secondary websites like anchor, mirror and pylon @Angela25 @dokwon

There are some things that are not working on the terra new website. The videos for Terra on this page are not working! Can someone check this? Also, it’s possible to make more courses for Terra academy and promote them on relevant websites? Can we do a better website for Terra academy so more people can get involved?

Thank you