Thanks for ripping me off on the referall competition/earn drop through telegram and Twitter

Thanks for leading us all on only to not pay any of us and scam us all. I can’t believe the time i wasted to win the Eth referalls all to finally win and of course I win the project that doesn’t pay. I wouldn’t be that upset if it was only a couple dollars but 0.5 eth plus 0.65 Eth for the referalls that’s 1.15 Eth. Thanks for ripping me off. Attached is screen’shots for proof of the actions. I will only respond to emails at [email protected] and will not negotiate until I am paid. !
Edit: it will only let me upload 1 image.

I don’t speak for Terra, but I highly doubt that there was any referral program on Telegram. This sucks, but it looks like you’ve been falling for a scam. Terra is its own blockchain that also has no connection to Ethereum.