I was cheated in trust wallets

Dear Terra,
Today, I was cheated by twitter group use the name like Terra. They guide me transfer Lunc and BNB from Binance wallets to Trust Wallet in order to help me airdrop Lunc to Luna. After that, they lure and get sead phrase of my trust wallets. They send all of my Lunc and Bnb to their wallets. Is there any way take back Lunc from stolen?

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Unfortunately not. Please do not use that wallet again, it is not secure any more.


Same thing happened to me.
I received part of my aust airdrop on terra2.0. The latter was false and I left a message on twitter to claim the rest (1/3 is missing).
Terra asked me to put on trustwallet to then claim my airdrops. It’s been 3 days and my trustwallet created for the occasion is still at 0 luna.
He also gave me a terra link with a “request reward” button. So I clicked on it but it didn’t work. He told me to try again when the luna are on trustwallet.

Inside terra2.0, my sending address and my trustwallet address are well marked, but when you click on it, you can see that my luna have been sent to several addresses validated by validators. I can trace but how to recover?

several questions:
1/ if I still see my luna in terra2.0 transactions, does that mean they haven’t left terra 2.0 even if the transaction is successful?

2 / is it possible to cancel these transactions to recover my luna? if I give the tx hash, and recipient address?

3 / Isn’t TERRA 2.0 safe?

4 / how do I request verification of airdrops? because I always miss 1/3 according to the simulator

5 / I still continue to chat with “terra” on twitter. it tells me that terra2.0 is on and that my luna are not lost. How can I be sure that I am not speaking with a terra operator? Can I set a trap for him? what?

Thank you for all the answers

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Hi, please stop talking to the person on Twitter immediately, it is a scammer!!! No one can recover funds from someone else’s wallet. If they have your seed phrase, that wallet is no longer safe and you should not use it any more.

If you wish, you can put your public wallet address here and we can show you the calculations of your new Terra balance.


Terra on twitter is fake. I just because of belive them and lose all. When I realize that, all done. I really regret about my stupid now. Crypto world s so terrible, because we can not belive anyone

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Thanks a lot
I don’t prefer to give my public address, I’m afraid of getting scammed again (even if now that everything is stolen, there’s nothing left to take!)

as of may 07 i had 63700 aust. (well, I hadn’t seen the start of the crash on May 11 and I added 13000 aust)
According to Luna Airdrop | TerRarity, I should have received 1645 luna including 493 luna at genesis. I only received 285 luna at genesis and in total, I would only receive 950 luna.

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That is not an official airdrop calculator. Please check the ratios in the medium article:

Hi @Cuong_Tran_Quoc and @foufoumel ,

It is a long shot, but it may be worth contacting your local law enforcement and passing along:

  • the wallet address transferred to,

  • any relevant information, and a screen shot, of the tweet itself and the web address of the tweet, and

  • probably a screenshot of the block of the transfer (you can find that at https://finder.terra.money [the official TerraForm Labs blockchain explorer for Terra - you can see it ends with the same terra.money domain, just like this site does]). Put in your wallet address in the finder, and since this appear to have been LUNA classic, change the box in the upper right hand corner from “mainnet” [ie. LUNA 2] to “classic”. This will give you all the block chain information about transfers in and out of your wallet, go through them until you find the transaction that sent the money out of your wallet, and make a screen shot, and

  • see if local law enforcement are able to open an investigation, or to direct you to the correct person or agency that may be able to help with an investigation. If they do not investigate directly, or direct you to the appropriate crime division, then to contact one of these (if you happen to live in one of these areas):

  • United States:

  • European Union:

The easiest would be to work with local law enforcement if they are able to assist.

I hope that helps a little bit.


Same has happened to me.

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Unfortunately, i dont live in US or Europe. That s why the stolen still out there and happy with cheated money :unamused: trust wallets is unsecured, at least they must use mobile messages to reserve transaction. That s so bad because it the first time I use worst app like Trust Wallets

ok thank you very much for your link.
According to this link, I should have had a total air drop of 1165 luna (200 luna less). today, I should have received 365 luna and I had received 285 luna. where do I turn?

Nothing can be done if you won’t give your address

the public key is the key that is to be copied to take or receive cryptos? I thought it shouldn’t be given?

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You re right

your public wallet address, terra1234____, not your private seed phrase

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TO RECREDITE THEN ON THE MAIN terra1ncjg4a59x2pgvqy9qjyqprlj8lrwshm0wleht5


Of course I have all the proof

This is a CEX address.

Therefore, the people who scammed you may have made a mistake.
Try to contact the CEX to know if the account has been KYCed.


It’s Binance!

what??? What does it mean???

I’ve been starting to think that as Binance are the ones to direct me to the ‘project team’ where it all went down.