That's why FatMan PLAN (1:1 refund only on UST) can DESTROY Terra FOREVER

Some of us we have lost everything or almost everything, me and my friends personaly lost everything on the heavy liquidation of the May, 10 2022 2:33:42 during sleeping. And when we want to do repay it was impossible because of the net congestion.

But, no more cry about our lost money, we need to restore Terra. Personally, Terra lovers want to restore this, even from below and enjoy other time of Anchor, Mars, Terraswap, Astroport, Aperture finance, Talis, Knowhere, Kujira, Whitewhale and even Osmosis.

I’m really disappointing how people only wants to get the money backs but not continue here.

We need to restore everything and TRY to take it back, also if it can be a fail. But, we don’t deserve to lose this beautiful community. We have the best community and very intelligent people creating projects.

Not a refund 1:1 only to UST “holders”. This isn’t as an insurance. If you wanted to “protect” you had Hundred Finance for example to make a collateral with others stablecoin. This measure can make the DIE of Terra.


The unique chance to rescue:

  • Take a snapshot before the crisis. More or less May 13; 4:00:00 (GMT +2).

  • Take in account everything. Luna holders (an bLuna/cLuna/pLuna…), Bluna and other in collateral in anchor, UST holders, even CEX people (it maybe has to be transferred across this CEX), Osmosis investors, and even a small piece of it to tokens of the terra ecosystem (ANC, KUJIRA, SD…) but this it hasn´’t depreciate like luna.

  • The key thing, an SLOWLY “airdrop”. I mean, with these reserves and (a possible apreciation adoption of it), should be able to be sold in the long term. We believe in this project so it doesn’t care if it is so much time. But, we should use it in the ecosystem. This airdrop doesn’t bring back all the money lost, also reserves and a possible appreciation of this new token project.

  • Also, a new UST, at this moment it should be collateralized with other stables like BUSD, USDC and USDT. And also with BTC and ETH, but now it has to me dynamic, buying more when BTC drops (for example when it has weeks in negative) and buying less when it is in ATH. Also, using the old UST like always, a % using Luna too like now to continue the DEFLATIONARY SYSTEM.

And that’s it. I think this is the last chance to continue here. If not, it will we be an insurance company, and Terra WILL DIE FOREVER.

If someone wants to correct me, thank you, this is not my mother tongue.