The Gold Standard of Stability

You should not increase the tax on transactions. It is better to introduce a tax on sales of LUNC and USTC. For all short positions in these assets. In the amount of 5%. This will burn about $3,000,000 worth of LUNC daily. In addition, the commission will provide significant support to the bulls. The price will start to recover.
There are taxes in every state. This is how the ecosystem is maintained. In addition, the state often influences pricing through taxes. Terra, why not?

I like a tax (on all Lunc transactions) that is (at least) equal to the staking and oracle rewards for Lunc delegations/validations/gold weigh verification and enough to pay delegators, validators, and oracles with no tax on and no staking of USTC… if we build a stable core for both (supplies anchored to the weight of physical gold and circuit breakers installed to prevent those supplies from deviating from 10billion=weight of physical gold in existence when the supply hits 10 billion) ~ people will pay for access to that stability (taxes/fees to offset staking rewards).
Of course, staking/validating/oracle rewards (under Lunc) must be lower than the current staking percentage.

Slight raises in taxes/fees can also fulfill the community pool (which will not be necessary if we build a self-sustaining core). If the community ever needs any money to construct/adjust anything ~ a vote will determine if the taxes/fees will be raised to collect the necessary funds. As long at heists are not happening and good projects are supported ~ all should go well…

A stable core shouldn’t need to be adjusted (like Bitcoin), and that core will attract third-parties who will construct the utilities we need to attract the average user. So, a one time community investment in the preceding plan should set us up well for a bright future.

To get to 10 billion, drastic burns must happen…

That is why it is necessary to introduce a sales tax.

I am impressed by this proposal and its intellectual value. It certainly needs to be fleshed out in detail, because this is a breakthrough on a huge scale. As a member of the community, I pledge my full support and will work to make it a reality this idea. I particularly value the approach and the initiative itself and I ask that this proposal be funded from the community pot and that an independent panel of experts be appointed to refine it and present it in a ready-made form for a vote. I myself will gladly put up 1 000 000 lunc to put this proposal to the vote as soon as it has been refined. I will also be happy to participate in this work myself if I am given a mandate from the community to do so.

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Run with it :pray:t2:

I showed it on discord TR, no interest.

Immediately for me a very slow mode was activated. Now the question is - why?
We probably have to act alone, but better contact is also needed. As you can see, Agora is driven by an interest group, not a community. The only question is, do they want to hand over the keys ?

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I’ll keep promoting my design, please do the same.

If we want something everyone will be attracted to, and is valuable from that activity, we must design a self-sustaining, balanced core with scarce units revolving around it.

Third-parties will be attracted to that stable core design and fund the building of dapps around that core and use those scarce units (Lunc & USTC) as mediums of exchange and will make their profits from fees they charge users for using their dapps (on top core transaction fees/taxes for Lunc).

People are just too busy being caught up in yesterday…

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Thank you for your involvement, it shows WHO is WHO. For my part, I will support and work on these projects. There is also no problem with financing. My work for the benefit of this community is intrinsic to me a honor. Therefore, I do not intend to charge now and then any remuneration, regardless of the time spent and funds, which I have enough in various assets and, of course, gold :wink:

For the sake of clarity, I provide my private e-mail address and its genesis:

[email protected] - PRO100 [email protected]

And my company of which I am the president - [email protected]

My pay will be in the rising value of Lunc.

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Decentralized Confidential

Identities connected to wallets (if connected) should always remain confidential (using zero-knowledge proof). Wallet activities should always be transparent to enable the creation of fully disclosed, accurate blocks.

Governing Wallets

Governing wallets should be required to vote for governing proposals on the Terra Classic network. Identities should always be required to activate a ‘governing wallet’, and one identity should only be allowed one ‘governing wallet’ and get one vote per ‘governing wallet’. The identities connected to ‘governing wallets’ should remain confidential by the use of zero-knowledge proof.

All staking (validator) wallets will only get voting power from ‘governing wallets’ that haven’t voted and have delegating Lunc to them.

How is it guaranteed that the issuing entity of digital identities will not save user data and addresses before encrypting them?

How is anything in life guaranteed? I’ll put more thought and research into your question and get back to it soon.

we don’t care to be register. decentralised is not mean be unidentified. wake up. blockchain is eternally linked. we honest don’t care about that.

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That’s not the problem. That data may be sold to other entities. The issuing entity in charge of creating the digital identity could sell that data to generate a profit.

How is it guaranteed that our data is safe?
It would be best that the data is deleted once the issuing entity verifies our real identity with some state document or passport

verify that it is a real person > create the digital identity > deliver the digital identity to the corresponding address > delete the data
make sure that the digital identity cannot be transferred (That it is linked to that address)


This is an open proposal to the entire community and its value is unique.
That is why I am glad that you are here with us to discuss the details in an open manner. As for the identity, YES you have to minimize the possibility of revealing it, it has to be confidential! What about the community portfolio and people appointed as ambassadors to represent the interests of the community. Such persons must be transparent and have a clean slate. Only in this way will we build the trust of the community. Data theft and distribution should be punished as willful burglary.

I have my hand on the trigger to put this proposal to the vote, after detailed discussion and fine-tuning of this proposal. I have 4,000,000 lunc for a this thing.

                               LUNC <= LUNO => LOGO


We should not rely on trusting others - we should use trust-less codes to privately collect the unique data that links real unique identities (using a document verification process connected to the official passport/ID card system) to ‘governing wallets’ and then auto-erase most the data and all the connections of that data to the corresponding ‘governing wallets’ after the identities are confirmed and the wallets have been created.

To ensure that a unique identity doesn’t create more than a single (1) wallet, shards of unique data must be kept. Through the use of zero-knowledge proof, those shards can prevent unique identities from creating multiple wallets by proving those identities already have a ‘governing wallet’ without releasing any private data to the public.

Those shards of data will remain in the system, protected by zero-knowledge proof, disconnected from the corresponding wallets. So, if the shards of data were compromised and declassified, the wallets associated with them would already be disconnected from them resulting in account privacy protection.

The remaining question is: How do we prevent people from buying/selling the keys to ‘governing wallets’? Those transactions could lead to the centralization of governing power in the Terra Classic ecosystem.

We need to be caution and take identity seriously because i think one day social ranking program can be nice to determinate rightness society.

Of course who work is better then who rob.

Of course who study, invent, generate a better world deserve better.

So we need to have under count everything.

Anyway this world, without be under control can go to chaos.

Remember that: human is easy to control and some of it like to have easy access to everything.

We need to protect our system and made it right.

No problem to release passport or document.

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If there ever was a social ranking program, it would also have to be trust-less code (not humans) enforcing the ranking based on community governance (passed proposal) guidelines.

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