This vote was removed?

Can anyone respond to this?


This is extremely bad , for crypto , etc…


@AtoZ have you anything to add to this as I know your a big supporter of do kwon and you believe that everything is being done fairly ?
Speak on this now ? This is manipulation at its finest surely you can now see that

Yes, it was definitely removed.

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this is coming from a mod of the forum:

“there was some issue with automatic execution after the proposal ended, the team is looking into it.
we’ll let people know once it is clear/solved.”

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Thanks for tagging me!

So this proposal passed and was executed. But it failed during the execution…

The parameter was to burn 1017233195000000 uusd but the actual number of uusd in the pool is 1006733195546782 uusd.

Sadly, the number changed between the proposal creation and its execution date.
The number was correct when the proposal was created.

The difference seems to be because of the proposal #1157 ( UST Goes Interchain: Polygon Edition). It withdrew 10500000000000 uusd from the community pool.

The proposal’s status can be found on the blockchain. Same for the size of the community pool.

Terra Station hasn’t been programmed to display proposals that passed but failed to execute (never happened before). This is why the display looks like that.

A patch is in progress to fix Terra Station display.


so convenient…


you can easily verify this for yourself by looking at the links @AtoZ included. Please take a look, and come back if you have any questions about understanding the data!


whoever created the proposal could have checked that there was one community-pool-spending-proposal close to being finalized. but he didn’t.

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makes sense! Thanks @AtoZ

does this mean the tokens that were successfully withdraw were burned? Or that it has to be done manually now? Or does it mean there needs to be a new vote ?

Thanks again!

great so for the first ever time a proposal was approved and not executed then do it manually doesn’t have to be the exact number in the proposal as long as the prepose of it is done as the community voted

The fund cannot be moved manually. No one has direct access to the community pool wallet.

A new proposal has been made with the actual amount.


New vote :roll_eyes: and if the number changes again and it fails again → new vote :tada:


new vote and 7 more days to do what they evidently don’t want to do… honestly I don’t think it will help… but I’m amused how this is managed. Its a shame and it make look others projects look professional.


what is convenient is to immediately assume conspiracy theories while all the data can be verified on-chain.
amusing, indeed.

Please, show me all the data on-chain to see how LFG spent $1.5B (BTC) to support Luna / UST?
Should be easy?


Very convenient first time technical error don’t you think
Coincidently the vote was for something the do doesn’t want :joy::joy: this is getting pathetic now seriously

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the vote was for something the do doesn’t want

TFL created this proposal.

this is getting pathetic now seriously

Yes, it is. :wink:


In last proposal Du kwon OFFERED 40% compensation to Contract holders nd now they are not offered anything. THIS Z NOT FAIR AT ALL. AMMEND D PROPOSAL ND INCLUDE PRE ATTACK CONTRACT HOLDERS ASH HE SAID IN LAST PROPOSAL.

Sir im not trying to make you look wrong but I must notice that you are kinda aggressive and condescending. You might try to mirror the same argument on me but I’m not a moderator on this forum.

Also from a multi billion market cap crypto team I would have waited that you guys would audit or even review any proposition which look to be approved and will have to be applied right after consensus. Now knowing that the LFG foundation itself is the one who made this proposition its even more “amusing”… the level of professionalism is at a level I prefer to not qualify.

Im not targeting you specifically since your field of action is clearly not audits or supervising realization of this type of governance actions. On the other hand you might/should be able to accept the frustration and criticism of involved people on this matter.

The fact that the vote have to be reitered is, excuse me the term, a joke. The motivation and reasons are crystal clear and proves how the system is rigged. Of course you will tell me its a conspiracy but I allow myself to answer right away by saying, we are still waiting for logs, proofs and real audit report of what happened with the LFG btc reserves.

Day after days the way how the top management is pushing there narrative of Luna 2.0 while ignoring the “community” is ruining the name of your bread provider.

Its so easy to pull out logs and provide them to prove that what has been said is the truth, but no, that top management is ignoring it and prefer to play the ostrich game.

Credibility is the most important attribute which need to be gained again since it was lost.

As a resume I would appreciate if you keep in mind that the less information ur team is providing with proofs the more doors are left for so called conspiracies theory. Which is… A modern way of avoiding discussion with people and to be fair most conspiracies past three decades was proven right.

I really do not envy your position but I guess you are not benevolent and its somehow a job which u r paid for.

ps. also in this very critical time the fact that we cannot post more often (only one time every 4 hours) is so inappropriate, this is a certain form of censorship. We cannot help people around asking questions, cannot provide more ideas, cannot act constructively effectively. PLEASE LOWER DOWN THAT TIMER. You guys not answering to all the desperate people, its a shame, someone have to do it if not you.

ps2. since Terra team is not communicating i had to make a tweet and ill need help from the community to get some attention and maybe get an important answer :

This will have a massive impact on the future of all of us.