Why the burn proposal disappear of the governance vote page?

What a cheaters…


What i saw- they are scammers.

Hope he will be jailed!

Look how disappear votes from his proposal from no with veto!

Look how votes become in first second of proposal!

He ( they ) is peace of sc%mmer sh#t.

Instead of burning he tried to sc#m all community AGAIN!

Hope korean and then interpol will look on him!


I had the same thought earlier when I wanted to check the vote…

that a moderation be made on the governance proposals is one thing … but to hide all the other proposals to highlight that of the Fork

It’s SHAME that manipulates the votes…

I’m shocked not to see more people take offense


Is there a search function on the governance page? If someone has the proposal number, is it possible to find the governance page and still vote despite it being hidden?

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Project owners can just delete proposals? Monarchy

Project owners ignore the community? Monarchy

Project owners have majority vote? Monarchy

This was never a decentralized project. This is a Monarchy.


Here it is , a dev blacklisted it dont know the reason but you can vote.
So share it to everyone


what is the link to follow the vote.

New coin always means new opportunity to make money.

Who is in charge already abandoned the this boalt. (the forum and any propose made in here)


56 mio Lunas voted for YES for burrning, so those ones should go and vote Veto on new proposal, there is just 7 mio Lunas against new proposal currently


Because they afraid from their own community. What a shame!


they just dont give f u c k . Who go the admin key of this site or the chain. Do K and tfl ,
Nobody care about the vote. Everything is already setup in higher spheres with big wallets.


bump for the vote link

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Because they dont care what the community wants. They must appease the whales.

They are hiding community proposal (burn) over their whales get rich quick scheme (fork).

Lets be real.

Kwon fuct you all. And the fork is going to seal the deal.

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In any case, there is a problem with their credibility, they have affected the credibility of the entire cryptocurrency circle, and even the government is about to intervene. They should pay attention to everyone’s interests, think about how to save Luna, can the new fork solve it? I do not think so.

A terra that can make Bitcoin fall below 30,000 can be recorded in history book. The stinky coin. Cz proposal is right.

Also tell you vote is fake just like that.

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Getting shadier by the second, need to do something .


What a shady outfit!!!

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Here’s the link : Terra Station

it is possible but, ones they erase page with all the content, the search will show only page number for that page but with missing content

Lame, yeah the only way I can see to view others’ proposals is to have the link or the proposal number.