To Validators: Lunc has nothing to lose just change

Sorry, I am not proficient in English, so I use Google Translate:
Not surprisingly, you are also victims of the LUNC death spiral, and you are preparing to migrate or have migrated to LUNA 2.0 because of the attack on LUNC. But please pay attention to the strong vitality of the LUNC community, pay attention to the huge user group in the community and their persistence, re-balance back to LUNC, and support the community to repair itself. Regardless of success or failure, this is an incredible experiment.
As one of the top validators of Luna 1.0, you support the community’s efforts as always, believe that the community is visible, and give you the recognition you deserve. Hope you continue to support the community and vote for proposal 4095, we can see who voted and who is standing with us.
Compared with its former glory, LUNC has returned to zero, and now there is nothing to lose. The only thing left is hope, and the possibility of hope is change. So please vote for proposal 4095, and let those of us who have not left LUNC get the governance rights that originally belonged to us and participate in future governance. Let’s change LUNC together and try to resurrect this phoenix!
Otherwise, all validators will continue to retain meaningless voting rights, continue to keep the rights trapped under the feet of the holders before zero, and let LUNC breathe in this group of holders that have been destroyed by zero, then LUNC will be completely lost. Liquidity, no value, no vitality, and ultimately death. LUNA2.0 will inevitably return to zero again because of the credit problem, and all validators and the pledgers they represent still have no chance of rebirth, and continue to sit back and watch the destruction.
So please vote for the community, bring change to the community, give everyone a chance, and give the Terra community a hope for the future!

Please retweet,and create magic together!
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