Luna Classic Holders Let's organize

To all Luna Classic holders who want to push that blockchain forward.

Let’s organize since at current stage there is no more progress other than many ideas and proposals but with no impact because of old validators blocking.
Small groups are to weak to accomplish currently something.

Let’s organize …create a plan and proposals we agree on and which will be pushed by us all so the validators and the rest can’t ignore it anymore.

Let’s join this discord for Luna Classic supporters and start from Monday (since weekend many are offline) a collective plan we will push forward

Please reply to this thread if you support it so it stays on top


Count me in, but I wish there was a telegram group too…


Blessings to all

how can we make validators vote?


There are a few possibilities which i don’t want to reveal in public however to have a realstic chance we need to organize so everyone pushes a predefined (by LC supporters) demand to make it being heared by the whole community.


Sell LUNC, make it go to 6 zeroes


Let’s gooooo, go go guys

im in lunc

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I was talking to support and he or she said I should connect my wallet to get validated and they took all my lunaC

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scammers also took all the coins from my Terra station wallet

There is no support!!!

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this week we surely will be heard
there are already some nice ideas we will execute.
lets wait till monday so we can gather a bigger group.
we are already have 400 active people


Podem contar comigo

quickly growing

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Doubt that - 1) a lot of the T2 validators are new, they never validated the old chain 2) validators who still validate LUNC will follow the governance process like they did before.

If you organise and submit proposals using the governance process (just as before, no need for anything fancy) you can make your wishes come true – your priority imho is getting a team of competent core devs – you actually have enough validators still to run LUNC, and you could always draft more anyway.

Good luck.


i don’t know if you were sleeping the last weeks however new proposals are not getting whitelisted and validators stopped voting.

You can’t add new validators and you can’t add new staking

You are going to have to “seize the means of production” – and I think you need to start with getting some devs who know the code base.

It’s all software. Literally all of it.


sorry but your understanding seems not to understand that without voting and validators you can’t do anything.You can’t even update the code .NOTHING YOU CAN DO


ok, thx and bye, mr “nothing you can do”.


@432 for my information when you say “you can’t add new validators” is that because we lack the technical knowledge to create some or there is a process in place where even if we did create new validator nodes we would be sidelined somehow?