Trying to get attention to this proposal concept

Please read this ^

It is literally one of the scariest things to me that no1 is even talking about this.

Concept example:

Assuming UST allocation is 30% on the dollar to all pre UST attack holders. This actually doesn’t matter in this example but we’ll do 30% to keep the math simple.

If a wallet that had 1000 UST and then took UST OFF OF TERRA CHAIN, then we should assume they sold for .95. BUT WE ARENT AND WALLETS ARE GOING TO LITERALLY PROFIT FROM THIS.

We should then assume they had 995 UST and not 1000 or whoever value prop you want to make it make sense. 1000 UST at .95 USDC, doesn’t matter.

Simply taking a snapshot at a magical block doesn’t do anything except give a cutoff. no value included, MAKES ZERO SENSE.

If we do not account for this, luna fork will 100% fail. How much money got out at (1.0 USD - allocation of UST percentage), ie assuming 30%, then .7 USD (1.0 - .3), … Take that entire value and guarantee it will sell continuously

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Do not worry, if you have sold coins at 0.95 right before “the attack” then Congratulations! you are in the same group with Do Kwon, insiders and his friends. You’ll be double compensated with highest amount of allocation. Things cannot go wrong here.

However, if you are unfortunate enough to fall in the retail group and held on to your coins or even worse topped up more coins because you saw some “steady lads” tweet then… God bless you!


Yes. We got rekt.
After his reassuring tweet like some recovery plan on the way and Lunas come back will be somthing that to watch or hold strong (we who believed got rekt)

Getting nothing.

First proposal seems to cover us then he kicked us out.

Why it’s hard to understand that there are three group of people.

Who are before the attack!
During the attack!
After the attack!

Before and after people are getting something and middle one is being left out.

Why? If you did not want us to count then just should have told, not motivate us in a way.


Yeah it’s suspect or plain foolish.

You understand what I am saying and I fucking applaud you because literally 80% of the time people reply with snapshot stuff.

Yes, exactly!

IT MAKES ZERO SENSE. Why are we not accounting for VALUE OF UST per wallet instead of just a simple snapshot. This is reminding me of politics. Just a bunch of idiots in masses listening to masters and not thinking.

If we do not account for value of UST per wallet when and if UST left the wallet at which block, the new fork will fail.

Pls, reread my post. I am unconcerned with snapshot time. I am concerned with the following

Of those who are included in the snapshot

  • Which block and what USD value did their UST leave the terra chain?

Snapshot time, percentage of compensation allocation, etc. have no inclusion to what I am talking about. It doesn’t matter. I used 30% as an example but you can sub that with any percentage.

Reread what I wrote because it is so important and NO1 is talking about this <— Youtube clickbait

100% manipuluation and no price talk is foolish. Everyone wants someone else to figure it out. When I say I am the only one talking about this, i have not seen ONE other post mentioning this.

For anyone reading this, ask about the pricing per wallet included in the snapshot that sold UST and what value is being accounted for in their allocation of UST.

this makes no sense to not include this. The amount of wallets that sold 500,000 UST at .9 that are included is WILD, hundreds of millions, if not billions (forget the stats but at 1M/p wallet it is billions)

These people who sold at .9 are being handed free USDC/LUNA2, w.e, it is not right


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