Calculator Based on Proposal of Fork by Master Stable Coin :P

Some of you are having problem of figuring out the numbers you are going to get… here is the caculator to see what your asset looks like when it get fork into…

Hope it helps and answers.

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People who bought during 8 to 12 may literally hurting so much.

First proposal seems to cover that then he changed.

I am not against changing and giving the people who bought and buying now after circulations becomes trillions because everyone deserve same.

But what about those people who bought during the attack his last tweet on May 11 looked assuring saying he had a plan and told to stay strong.

Price was still high at that point and supply was relatively low compare to now.

First proposal was to snapshot on the last halt.

It should be have been remained that way.

Or maybe instead of taking to two snapshots three snapshots needed.

1-People who bought before the attack ( as they deserve it)

2-People who bought during the attacks (8 to 12 may before the last halt, we deserve something to as price was still high at that point and supply was at 10B max do kwon really need to cover us as we can not be covered with 6.9T supply as at that point price was high )
3-people who bought after the halt and buying now (they also deserve it)

So I think its not fair for people who bought during the attack thinking it will somehow recover and his tweets were reassuring.

And whoever telling to buy now, not everyone has money as you,and don’t say its our fault for buying at that price.

As his tweets seemed it would recover from that point.

Snapshot before the last halt really needed right now


i think we will get more forks to come…

Wow I get 10 luna

I get 0,014 new luna…

Are these calculations accurate? I’m getting different results with different calculators people have posted.

They’re just showing off they can build a fake ass calculator, they know jackshit. Each one is different

How stupid can you get? If you know excel you can see the function in the cell, if you think there is wrong, how about fixing it?