Use Burnt LUNC to buy back USTC

Why not use burned LUNC to repurchase USTC and help repeg it. (sorry i am not a dev or expert i just want to know what the community thinks about it. (sorry if this is a stupid question))

do not say anything about burning USTC instead of LUNC, community doesnt like that…
Only lunc matters…

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LUNC that is burned cannot be used/spent - it does not exist any more after being sent to the burn address. If you are talking about re-minting burned LUNC, that did not go down well last time and is one of the reasons Binance stopped burning the last few months.

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Im saying to like trade the LUNC for USTC while taking the LUNC out of circulation (sorry if notbmaking sense)

It will create sell pressure on LUNC which result downfall in LUNC price.

Ustc have max 100k holder%20 and whales ,team,lfg,ozone,anchor, cexs wallets %80 stealonly
We need byrned this wallets first after starting to burn or ded ustc