UST Collateralization to bring balance and refund 100% to everyone - Luna and also UST holders

Fully collateralize UST with diversified portfolio of decentralised assets - to bring Luna to back to life. So everyone will be satisfied.

Terra is Gem and we all need decentralized stablecoin for future. The whole crypto comunity. Otherwise politicians and bankers will ruin crypto space. The whole world is watching, also people that are not in crypto yet. It has impact on whole crypto space.


  1. Use the LFG funds to collateralize current UST supply.

  2. When the UST stabilizes burn Luna minted during spiral and as prevention before attacks on governance.

  3. That will drive Luna prize up. Than we can use Luna to build bigger LFG funds to keep every single UST collateralized and the keep the community SAFU.

  4. Eventually during the time refund slowly the losses of all UST sellers during depeg(althou with selling they implicitly accepted the loss - but it will be very possitive message to community to show strenght and health of Terra-Luna).

  5. Demand for UST will rise and that will drive the price of Luna higher more than ever. That will refund the LUNA stakers and holders.

We need to bring back trust as soon as possible. Forks could potentialy hurt the brand. Luna will rise again and get back towards new ATH. We need build it again slowly up that every one will be fine.
Love and Light

How exactly the demand for UST will rise after this fiasco?

It will be backed and collateralized, by BTC, ETH, AVAX etc.