Ustc force locking

To bring ustc to 1 dollar.

I propose to bring force locking system for ustc. Give user lunc in rewards. Each wallet’s 90 % ustc will be locked. As repeging completed as per market demand increase slowly slowly locking will be removed. User will be rewarded with lunc from Oracle pool.

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It seems rough and rude.But it actual is how anchor protocol works.Give rewards,ppl will lock their bag automatically.And it’s no need for unlocking.
So,Anchor 2.0 right?

Anchor giving return in ustc @ 18%. While crypto market or every investment in the world is not guaranteed how anchor can give such high return in ustc? our aim is to give return in lunc from oracale stacking reward which highly depend on market rate of lunc.

Anchor was unable to provide such return in Bear market. where minting play role and give return to investor of anchor. which causes unlimited minting. here our reward is highly dependent on lunc. where market rate varies, as per market we are not committed to give return in any specific dollar value. we will give return on lunc. which again not fix amount nor qty . it will dependent of number of locking. as locking increases reward decrees.

i´m sorry but makes no sense. Sounds like it will drain the oracle pool


this will not help at all,lock ustc to get ustc to 1usd than what?at the end,the ustc holder only will get extra lunc and price will back to 0.03 anyway with 9.8+b supply of just like you can see ustc to 1$ but you will not able to sell at 1$.

Yes you are right.
Suppose 100 ust at 0.03
We locked 97% there will be no change in portfolio value.
User will get reward for locked ustc.
As network become more stable slowly slowly locking will remove. Or as Ziggy repeg start. unlocking will slowly start. It encourages user to buy and lock ustc.

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In light of recent SEC filings in our industry, (and possible future bans on algorithic stablecoins and the US$), i would think that one would stop thinking of pegging USTC to the US$, but pegging it to another (flexible?) standard, imho.

Could the algorithmic stablecoin could be used to arbitrage price between another crypto standard? I.E., peg it to another crypto market, but not directly to fiat?

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Then INR will be best option

can you give your fitback on this:

someone says…
Great idea do not need money…

when broken thing joint it makes more greatness more attracive more beautiful.

i can tell you that ziggi will not be on terra luna clasic.ziggi is all about market manipulation and this will just create more problem to the terra luna clasic chain.exchanger just will not want to agree on this for the simple fact this is all market manipulation.