$USTC ↔️ $INRT Repeg Plan/Proposal

I will definitely get back to checking what the L1 Team is doing once this goes for a vote. I have honestly been working on this proposal and didn’t get much time besides doing this.

It’s taking time cause I literally went and issued a new coin on the Cosmos testnet, tested it, then went and wrote code again to issue a new coin as tokens using a smart contract, this time directly on Terra Luna Classic. When I was sure it works in both ways, I am now preparing to put this for a vote.

I had been writing extensively and expanding the plan further - trying to bring back the arbitrage opportunities that used to exist with the Terra coins.

Redline is taking a different course for the repeg and he is concentrating on the repeg to $1 while I am concentrating on the entire ecosystem and how to bring more liquidity into Terra Luna Classic.

Mine isn’t specifically a USTC plan anymore since I am introducing a stablecoin to the system and this is a direct competitor to CBDCs.

If we can introduce our stablecoin before CBDCs and especially USDC (before it is introduced to Cosmos), then there is an extremely large market that Terra Luna Classic can capitalize.


Do you hear yourself?
Redlines prop is not about one dollar for USTC. It’s about repegging all the stables that we have.
Indian rupee being one.

You are focusing on one stable, that doesn’t see much action, thus will be very slow to accumulate any sort of funds, while redline has 20 different stables.

You are introducing a 21st stablecoin.

Your supply of that stable is going to be astronomically low, due to no reserves.

Beware. Soon you gonna be targeted for bypassing governance.

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You are so mentally Ill that can’t identify an irony and come personally attacking. Go find something more useful to do, troll.

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Please refer to the following thread for a continuation of this thread. I could not post the entire proposal here again so I had to create a new thread here:

So scared.

I like the plan, really cool idea. I think we should work with the l1 team to make it safe and possibly bring the dream in less than 6 months. I am voting yes.


Thanks a lot. The community has shown me a lotta love for this proposal. I really appreciate it.

I will definitely try to work out things with the L1 Team so that we can get this done faster than the timeline we are looking at.


Thnx for your effort and time for this fantastic idea sir :heart:


Thanks to the entire community which has given me so much support :pray:t2:

I will definitely continue working on this idea and ensure that a stablecoin is launched very soon on LUNC.


Am I missing something?

I dunno bro, are you? :sunglasses::wine_glass: How the hell do I know?

I am obviously not the 100% holder of LUNC. So those who are holders will need to vote.

My job is to put the prop up for a vote. My job is not to vote on my own prop :person_shrugging:t2:

Yes, I’m missing the part where community has shown interest in a new stablecoin.
You were thanking the entire community and promising to bring the new stable on-chain soon.

As community isn’t even showing interest enough to vote on it - It would tell me that community doesn’t want a part of whatever snakeoil you are proposing to brew.

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Calm down bro. I understand you need to attack me. But having baseless arguments with me is no use.

The community isn’t the one voting. Otherwise the last two proposals would not have passed.

The validators are voting. So don’t conflate the two.

This is the community:


you and tony are jus as bad as each other…2 scammers

It has been translated into Japanese also.

I don’t even know these people and have never interacted with the Japanese LUNC community so this was out of the blue for me.

There are a lotta people who have supported me from Asian countries including China and Japan.

Probably the first instance in the world where both countries have agreed upon something I think :smiling_face_with_tear:

I do not want to let them down if they have put some kinda trust in this plan. A lotta those people who retweeted are verified influencers from Japan.

They want this. So I’ll give it to them. I am already working on how to make the coin and see how it can be published on Cosmos.

I had applied for community funds not cause it can’t be made without it, but it would help significantly speed up the development, from maybe one year to six months. It can’t even be done in less than 6 months. That’s probably the minimum timeline.

Life is not a magic trick. Nothing happens overnight.

My hands and feet are perfectly fine and I already work on Cosmos, so might as well make the coin. I don’t see any issues with that if investors are already ready in Asia to support a plan such as this.

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Yes…Asian investors… Good luck then.

You are so ra(cist that you don’t even understand the largest validator of LUNC “Jagmot” from AllNodes is a Punjabi guy. He is obviously of Asian origin if he has a Punjabi name :sunglasses: I don’t think you understand where investment comes from, do you? Hahahhaha. You need some more grey matter for your purpose.

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Well, as you have tried to sell the governance on centralization, trading bot for 100k, a new indian rupee stable for 40k - I am left assuming that only place you can see funding from is the CP.
Not the Asian investors.

Jagmot might be of Indian heritage, yet I do not see overwhelming support or even a vote from them.

Reality might be hard to accept.