Ustc/LunC relationship

Hi all.
Could someone please explain to me the current relationship between Luna Classic and USTC? Have the links between them been severed, or are they still linked for one to burn when the other increases?
Also, where is this relationship information available?
Many thanks in advance!


@Dodgydogz Hello there! The relationship between LUNC and USTC is just historical now. But investors knows the swaps must and will go on. It´s impossible to restore LUNC without restoring USTC so… that´s it.

Thank you @tolben. Very much appreciated.

Luna <-> ust mint/burns are disabled atm, but you can still mint/burn ust <-> krw or basically any stable-coin to stable-coin.

This mint/burn logic is implemented in the Market module of terra classic core, i believe once we find a better dynamic than the currently implemented mint <-> burn, we can implement that and try to restore the chain.