After Luna 2.0 goes live, what is going to happen to Lunc and Ustc? Rebirth too or deceasing?

What is your thought, seriously?


USTC holders will sell for the last few pennies of value, and then tell themselves it was all a bad dream and forget it ever existed. LUNC holders will complain the coin is worth nothing… vote to burn most of them, then complain the coin is still worth nothing.

Those who still think LUNC/USTC are awesome… will decide USDD looks pretty sexy and decide to lose money on that platform instead.


at a certain market cap interests will be so concentrated (lunac ustc), that a solution will be found. It isn’t rocket science either. just offer ustc holders a realistic exit incentive. With decreasing ustc price this gets easier (right now many ustc holders would be happy with 0.1 usd per ustc).
ustc exit incentives could come from lock up incentives (lunac) i.e lock ustc up for 1,2 or 5 years & get y lunac; offer ustc conversion to lunac at some fixed lunac/ustc price, limit ustc-> lunac converting to some absorbable amount per block and use lfg reserves as buyout for those who want to exit ustc fast. A combination of all these options would get rid of ustc exposure that wants to exit. Then lunac/ustc can start a new, with a hopefully improved market module…


Lunc and ustc will go free-swimming as an experiment. As with shiba, people will sit for years and wait for repeg. This is to teach speculators who craved quick profits. The new moon will be an icon like bitcoin, fast and cheap transactions will make it number one.

No Sir, reviving ustc & lunac is about keeping promises, and not reneging on commitments when things get difficult. How can you trust new moon with a team behind it that is ready to abandon a project (with billions on the line) at the first hint of problems? Btw. at any stage anyone owning luna was a speculator (with different purpose & different hopes)…


No idea, but I’m still holding half my UST

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You say: The new moon will be an icon like bitcoin, fast and cheap transactions will make it number one.
That’s called speculating.

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It’s called the future of LUNA. A LUNC past

I still can’t believe how the real LUNA, that now you guys call it “classic” failed …, isnt the mint/burn algorithm optimizable ? For me, no trust in Do Kwon until he nurtures and flourishes the real value of the Original LUNA, where the whole community was built upon!

To fix lunc is really easy, it depends on validators and dev team.

There is a big oportunity here to have 2 coins on the top coins.

For ust is a little more difficult…


I think terra team must still pay attention to Luna Classic. Because if luna classic succeeds in general crypto market, it will have a very positive effect on new Luna. I think new and old Luna is much more strong when they stay together.


I have the same perspective, these two products could be linked at one point and will move upward

If LUNC finds success… then Terra could revisit working with it. But right now it’s not successful, and I haven’t seen viable plans to make it popular again (or even a reason to want to). It has been kept alive the last week by the tears of its hodlers, and their cries on Twitter. So maybe we’ll hear about LUNC for another month or so? The tears will run out… and the LUNC network can be laid to rest.

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The following are necessary for UST&LUNA classic to be active
Q. Why did the system go bankrupt?
Q. What can I do to avoid it?
Q. How can I return the UST price to $ 1 again, not just to prevent crashes?

Unless these answers are found, both operators and developers will choose Luna2.

And investors choose Luna2 and Ust2 again? Really? (3-4-5…

Luna classic ? No money to burn the 7000 billion luna created, big fault with the UST, what do you want to do with this project, no one wants to associate their name with this failed project anymore. If there were no speculators, this project would already be at 0 market cap.