V1.10.0 chain halt tracking discussion topic

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Currently I am working on pull requests:

Resolve possible golang version conflict by faddat · Pull Request #159 · classic-terra/core · GitHub ← done, may resolve conflicting go versions
Cleanup to make for easier triage by faddat · Pull Request #160 · classic-terra/core · GitHub ← I am repeating work that I did months ago that was tossed out by the layer one task force

my request

Please put Notional above Allnodes, with your delegations. Please delegate to us. I figure that bringing back a $1b chain – twice, is worth some juicy delegations. Of course, if we fail, well, then everything will have simply gone to $0 anyhow, and you’ll never be able to delegate to us, except on oither chains, which have more merit driven engineering processes, where you should indeed look.

But I bet that:

  • we can get LUNC running again
  • we can transform engineering on LUNC to a merit-driven process that rigorously uses every available code quality tool so that nothing like this happens again

See, they’re not able to do anything in this situation, and harm network security.


  • Delegate to notional
  • Delegate to blockpane
  • Delegate to PFC

Unlike the current #1 validator, we work.

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Seems like the net is back :slight_smile: