Validator & staking proposal

I am hoping that this proposal will help to encourage staking, reward validators, and help to replenish both the oracle & community wallets, as well as contributing to burning tokens to help reduce the circulating supply.

This will require the community to also do their bit, not just sit and hope that someone else does the work and reap the rewards as the stakers bag grows bigger.

If everyone that stakes comes together, then everyone wins, everyone contributes and does their bit no matter how small, and the dream of seeing this Blockchain thrive is a positive prospect that all involved can be proud of and demonstrate to all stakeholders we are in it together.

To try and provide a proposal whereby everyone wins, bring the community together from the small bag holder to big business on one proposal and help burn tokens, generate capital, and bring on developers to move the Blockchain forward.

This proposal would require a cap of 20% APY “example % or a % that works” This is to be be hard coded to capture ALL staked LUNC tokens. The 20% staking rewards in the example would be distributed as follows:

Current staked tokens (bonded) = 947,269,798,350
• 5% Staking rewards to the token holders. = 47,363,489,917
• 5% Sent directly to the oracle reward pool. = 47,363,489,917
• 5% Sent directly to the community pool. = 47,363,489,917
• 5% Sent directly to the burn wallet. = 47,363,489,917

1)The token holder will get a 5% yield on their investment.
2)The oracle reward pool will receive 5% so that it can continue to fund the staking rewards and validator commission.
3)The community pool will receive 5% to pay for existing and additional staff, and fund promotion of the blockchain, also to help onboard new utility etc.
4)The burn wallet would also receive 5% to aid in the reduction of total supply.

In essence: Annually at current rates.
Nearly 47,500,000,000 tokens burned and out of the circulating supply, nearly $6,500,000 each at current market price (00014) for the Oracle and Community pools to help grow and fund the blockchain.

The % APY is scalable (current example 20% APY), the % of the rewards and distribution will track the APY % accordingly and will be subject to an annual proposal and community vote to see if the proposal is still valid.

Validators are essential for the security of the blockchain, the proposal is for a hard cap of 5% of all individual validator rewards to be hard coded to automatically be directed to the burn wallet, the remaining rewards are the validators to help make it a rewarding and hopefully profitable endeavor.

This would also generate a big boost to the burns at a fixed 5%, also scalable if not feasible due to running costs and help the motivation to run a validator, as the project grows this will also be subject to the annual proposal review to ensure it is meeting the purpose it was designed to do.

This should help incentivize active validators and help with the even distribution of staking to even the voting % across the validators as the rewards for the people staking is equal regardless.

Final thoughts

I am hoping that to help drive the bigger picture where all stakers large and small will see the benefit of helping to reduce the supply whilst still getting a return on the staked tokens.

These are my thoughts, pick it up and change it, run with it, adapt it, or bin it… I am not one to sit or take it personally, but would rather make a suggestion than wait for something to happen. Win, lose, or draw.
I do not know if my suggestion is doable in real terms, but would be happy for a 5% return on my staked tokens knowing that I was also contributing to the reward pools, burns and “doing my bit” things can change in the future I just thought it may be worth a shot.

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do not touch staking rewards. It will do more harm then good

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You are aware that the Oracle Pool is where staking rewards get paid out, yes?
OP deals 5% to the stakers, 10% to CP/Burn and then 5% back to itself? Makes no sense.

And stakers are getting shafted in the rear due to getting less rewards, so less incentive to lock up their LUNC in staking.

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Hi Tonu, yes of course I am aware, the prop was to still recieve 5% interest on tokens staked. The Oracle pool will run out at some point completely and is in a downward trendline.
As such it requires replenishing.
5% to CP will help to attract more developers and dapps, also to fund projects etc, that will generate interest in the Blockchain and hopefully help to increase the price action.
The 5% to the burn wallet means we also help to reduce the total supply, so are actively contributing, as opposed to holding an ever increasing bag and hoping for the best.
It is just a prop from thoughts on paper, personally id rather have 5% of something than 20% of nothing.
Best regards

Sounds like something a government would do: Here, you get 75% less staking rewards. BUT we cycle 1/3 of that back into the staking rewards pool, so you will get that later. Isnt that great? Lets just forget about the other 2/3.

If you want to reduce staking rewards, say so. If you want to burn the oracle pool, say so (and get rejected!). If you want to fund the CP from the oracle pool, say so (and get rejected!). But dont convolute it 5 times. And dont pretend you can fill the oracle pool with the 1/4 of the contents of the oracle pool as if that would gain anything.

Also, you said you want to “encourage” staking by reducing staking rewards by 75%. Sounds genius. In fact, what you propose is basically “loot the oracle pool” and you call it “a community effort”…

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Hi Equilibrium
Unfortunately most Governments do not run Countries like a Business, otherwise it may be a little better for the people that live in many Countries. (my opinion)

  1. Yes my proposal reduces the staking rewards to 5% based on an APY of 20%. A bag of 2 million tokens at ÂŁ200 give or take pulling in 100,000 in token rewards annually is a pretty good return, if the price increases.
  2. No mention of burning the oracle pool, 5% would not leave the oracle pool, so there simply wouldn’t be as much coming out of it as there is currently, so it would last a little longer. I didn’t say this was a cure all silver bullet.
  3. No mention whatsoever of burning the CP either but putting more into it, 5% of the current 20% APY in order to help recruit developers and onboard dApps and utility.
  4. Encourage staking by offering a set % APY 5% (as an example) for the proposal, also scalable as mentioned so could be increased.
  5. No idea where you got the loot the oracle pool bit from in all honesty, The tokens are currently coming out anyway, the proposal simply redirects some of the current rewards. The proposal simply offers a reduced % APY that would have come from the oracle pool and redirects 5% to help fund the CP & 5% to the burn wallet to help reduce the total supply. In my opinion better served than filling near worthless bags whilst we cannot pay for a team of developers and staff to build the blockchain.
    In order for Businesses to succeed, sacrifices need to be made.

You literally take (time integrated) 25% of the oracle pool and burn it, you take 25% of the oracle pool and put it into the CP. Thats looting the oracle pool.

And for a weird reason you take 25% of the oracle pool and put it into the oracle pool just to confuse people.
And then you even claim that this will encite people to stake. Sure.

Great revelation: Reducing staking rewards by 75% will NOT encite people to stake. (We need to find a way to make the oracle pool sustainable though, but your proposal does the opposite of that anyways.)

But lets keep throwing around great phrases:
“Sacrifices need to be made” “It will be better for the people” “If everyone comes together” “Everyone involved can be proud” “Everyone wins”.

The one thing that REALLY bothers me is that you claim that you “replenish the oracle pool” which is a lie. Your proposal does not do that. You just take staking rewards to CP and the burn wallet. This lie is what made me answer in the first place.

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Basic math.

You have one pool. No matter how you split it - it’s the same pool in the end. It doesn’t matter if you set tax to 20% and trickle 1/4th of it back - it will still deplete. Just at a rate of 15% instead of 20%.

You are just setting extra taxes on to circumvent the funds back to OP

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Could it have been worded in a better way, most likely, there is NO looting of the Oracle pool. I am asking if people would be willing to sacrifice some of the rewards they would be getting from the pool anyway and redirect it to help fund more developers and chip in to the burns. Its a choice.
Please do not let this Really bother you in any way, it’s just an idea.
The use of the word Liar is neither helpful or appropriate.