Wallet balance dashboard for new Terra chain launch

Key ask

Create a dashboard for individual wallets to confirm their eligible “pre” and “post-attack” snapshot balances.


Snapshots are a crucial determinant in launching the new Terra chain. Wallet users will receive new Terra chain tokens as outlined in the Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 token distribution schedule.

Transparency and fairness in launching the new Terra chain are key to rebuilding trust with the wider community. While the launch proposal provides an overview of the high-level steps, there is still uncertainty around what tokens are taken into account at the “pre-attack” and “post-attack” snapshots.

Next steps

I am proposing that either a Terra affiliated or independent development team develops a new Terra chain “eligibility dashboard”. The dashboard must allow individual wallets to confirm their eligible “pre” and “post-attack” tokens and balances.

The dashboard can be gradually extended to include a variety of other functions, including each wallet’s projected vesting schedule and tokens outstanding.

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