We need to choose a Manager for the Ecosystem Revival Plan (fast)

The community should choose an official Manager for the “Revival” via Governance Proposal. This manager should immediately start to inform the outer world about the progress in the “Revival Project”. The information should be in project management style, like an “Abstract” at first, followed by regualr updates. The “Abstract” may just include the Issues that are adressed e.g.

  1. New Chain or old chain
  2. Reimbursment
  3. Tokenomics (new Coin, Collateralized Stablecoin yes or no etc.)

Dear Terra Community,

I am an outsider, who was following Terras development since approximately 1.5 years. I have no connection to Terra Form Labs (TFL) or insider know how.
As many of you I have lost a lot of money. But I am even more sad about lost of the ecosystem.
Therefore I am glad that there are many ideas and thoughts now, how the ecosystem can be “restored”.

Unfortunately there is a lack of coordination among all those ideas. And time is at the essence here. The longer “we” cannot communicate a path for the future, the more projects and people will loose faith and leave us.
We need to send a living sign with basically three messages:

  1. We are united,
  2. we are working ( a high level list of issues that are discussed => “The Path”)
  3. and news will be spread reliable from this source from now on
    To make this choice convincing, we nee to do it via a on chain proposal. Just like we decided everything else before.
    The elephant in the room: Who could be a potential candidate to manage the discussion and communicate to the outer world?
    Well this highly depends on the direction the revival plan is driving. Sounds like a “hen egg problem” right? As long as we have no decision, we cannot choose a leader.
    Not true. We can have an independent Manager who is just doing the coordination among all the ideas and communicate regular updates.

Lets have a look at the most obvious options and the pros & cons:

  1. A single Person out ouf the community:
    Lets say, there is someone well known in the community who would fit the job. That would make this person the “de facto” new Leader and give him a lot of power and attention. Something we don’t wont, because this concentration of power can be very harmful for the project. Everything this person says or does will be interpreted and mapped to Terra.
    Additionally this person should be supported from 100 percent of the community which will be hard. Otherwise the community will be instantially divided, and we send the message to the outer world that we are really breaking apart.
  2. Do Kwon himself: Regardless if you think he did a good or a bad job as CEO: He certainly had good intentions and took Terra very personal. And he is well known in the world and has a lot of connections.
    But when it comes to communications to the outer world, the same problems like in number 1 apply.
    A single person should just not have the power to pump or dump the whole project with a single tweet. And Do Kwons Tweets where often hard to interpret, if the were an official Terra statement, a personal note not or a joke?
    Additionally his reputation is a bit damaged in certain other projects, like MAKR DAO etc. which will be an ongoing problem that will reflect back on Terra.
    For a fresh new start, we need fresh new Manager.
    But Do Kwon should definitely still be in the loop to support us, just not as our “leader” or “Voice”.
  3. Terra Form Labs (TFL) : Sounds weird, but TFL is our best bet, when it comes to an independent manager.
    a. First of all, we are not opponents to them, even when we decide to start a community owned project. Decentralisation has always been a goal of TFL. And they are for sure eager to do some repair to the damage. So why shouldn’t they manage the “Revival” to the future?
    b. It’s an organization with professionals on their payroll. The Management of the “Revival” creates a lot of effort, why not using the manpower they can provide?
    c. The have the official twitter account and all other official communication channels. What they say about Terra is basically “law”. The Challenge here: Do Kwon needs to be officially quiet about Terra topics on twitter from now on.
    d. They have all the connections to other projects, contracts, brand rights, developer keys and even access to the funds. They need to be deeply included, regardless of the the future developments
    e. They can start right now and have a good reputation. If we were to build up another “Foundation” or whatever, we will start with 0. Nobody will know us and take us seriously.
    f. The downside: Some people might want a change in the community and a real new start and will therefore disagree.

Looking forward to hear you thoughts about it.




valuable proposal, +vote

You’ve got the point :fire:


I vote for the person doing this in-depth analysis and taking time to really understand what’s necessary at this point to turn things around so that the project survives, while respecting free market, and making sure that eventually everyone is made whole.


I have read it and even support it. Terra is about stablecoins with a unique minting mechanism, otherwise we will be just another tendermint chain. So lets create a UST 2.0 that is collateralized.

Agree with hellohelix on the 8 Steps plan here:

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I’m interested

I join your choice.