Delete Terra Rebel Team, we as community need choose who have to take care of all us

Delete any power that have the Terra Rebel Team, we are a community and we have to choose who need do all operation we need.

We strongly no need a team of people that are good only to find way and proposal to stole money from the community. !st of all I want to know what they did up to now, something I know, is Forke (COPY) the Terra station, and caused the interruption of it, because they not implement the last suggest from TFL, than they propose the 1,2% tax burn, and changed it after 1 month, from that moment they only start to make proposal to get money for themself, talking we need divide from TFL, so we divide for what? From become slaves of TR, no no no, I will say no.

My ideal proposal is ask CZ ceo of Binance, to find/give us a team of Developer that will do what is needed from the LUNC revival, At moment I fell CZ is the person that is helping LUNC more than any other, so who better than him and his team?
From where take money to pay the Developer? from the 10% of tax burn, that at moment is reminted, but in a near future can also be changed like 0,2% tax burn, 0,18 go to burn address and 0,02 go to community pool, in my views this can also be change to a value from 0,3 to 0,6% to check which is the best equilibre for let it work best.

One more, the day after CZ will accept to become “virtually CEO” of LUNC because it is a community token, so let’s better call him a “mentor Ceo” many other Ced and Dex can follow him for the LUNC survival, and this can open the sky to many other … let’s also dream a little Twitter to be implemented on LUNC payment ??? Who know’s.

Anyway if CZ can not do it, for lack of time or for any other reason, we all together need choose the DEVELOPER we want go further with our project, and I think is a talking with Validator and Developer on what to do next, and what is best to do 1st.

I’s love to have all community suggestion, comment, insult, or anything, I will reply all of you.


I dont think CZ willing to get involved but we’ll see

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If not CZ, a person from his near staff. We no need wait and see, we all need act, anyone is able to contact CZ, need say, Lunatics want you. We only trust you.

If you want decentralized community control then you need accept that TR can put forward proposals and the community can vote to use and pay them or not. This is true for any other single developer or development shop. I am not saying TR is good or bad, but this is how decentralized decision making works.

LUNC needs developers but people need to stop putting up CZ and Binance as the solution to every problem. If LUNC can’t stand on its own then it shouldn’t exist.

I not put CZ and Binance as a must, but as an hope, because no one better than him and his team can manage this, I also wrote :

Anyway if CZ can not do it, for lack of time or for any other reason, we all together need choose the DEVELOPER we want go further with our project, and I think is a talking with Validator and Developer on what to do next, and what is best to do 1st.

I hope we can have a very good talking to find solution, for me TR is done, they show us 6 more month of nothing except ask for money, so please STOP this.

Who have the experience and ability to follow community project, please candidate.
Anyone of you have an idea on:

  • make a communuty official website
  • make a community official discord
  • make a community official Telegram
  • make a community official Twitter

    it is pleased to make proposal what I only want is decentralization and independence from REBEL, i’m tired of them arrogance, prepotency, and waste of money for do nothing.

ONE MORE I THINK I’m the only Validator, that put always my name and talk with my own idea (that can be right or wrong) but I see here, no one ever reply, can I know why? Looks you are the shepherd’s sheep Terra rebels. We all want know the opinion of other Validator also, are you OK with this now, please let me know I will go away like Vegas did, if I’m the only one disappointed about TR work and way to conduct out community mean I have to left it, if not, please TOGETHER WE CAN, yes we Can do all we want.

Dex is hard for community ,dappps is stronger system if tr want to create dapps with lunc
And cz have many business, i dont want to cex , more cex take users 1$price ust to stablecoin now telling crypto uncertain price all is scams for me(without brazillian cex only) never trust to trade stake etc, my last think if users to complain self country for cex. before the accident 1:1
These crypto companies are going to lost or get a secure client label.can be banned within countries if necessary .and scammers will be prosecuted with justice
Or always crypto cex/dex live with thiefs

Sorry for my ignorance, but I do not really understand your comment. You mix, Cex, Dex, 1:1 can you better explain your idea in a simplest way?

I think your idea should cover the proposals submissions. any proposals trying to change burn / mint mechanism should be first discussed with Binance and after that, people should understand what’s the Binance position.
If we submit all the time proposals that are detrimental to Binance benefit we can end up a in very bad spot

What is wrong with the “Joint L1 Task Force” team ? I believe a 100% in them and the resurection of Terra Classic aka Lunc.

That team launched very good en well explained ideas !!

Please tell me just 1 good ideas launched as you say before, only 1 not so many… please

Issue with this proposal is that it’s non-enforceable.
This chain, for all intents and purposes, is a Community owned chain with public repo.
Anyone can work on it or develop it.

So there goes your baseline of TR somehow being the front line owner or restricting access.

Secondly - You are free to communicate with whomever you wish to. Be it Cz or Binance staff.

Any spend proposal needs governance passing, so it is not as simple as saying “10% to devs”.
At best - you can gauge sentiment from this, but it is a text proposal without param changes so it does not have any restricting power nor elevating inherent ability.

More brains working on the chain is a great idea, but excluding others will not go over so great.

Perhaps work on this idea further.

Sorry I never say that, I just say I’d like a team of developer that come from Binance advice, or from Binance developer team, any proposal must be for the benefit of the community, and another most important things can not be in the hands of only 3-5 validator, so the voice of other 130 is worth nothing. The new proposal to cap at 10% voting power, is already be voted NO or No with Veto from 4-5 big validator, Allnode still not voted, because he love to do it around the end for many reason, I think they do not want influence other validator vote, and this is a noble scope.

Anyway I’d like to also get opinion from @vegas @Cryptoking_NFT @cryptotrader40 @arunadaybasu @classycrypto @ek826 anout this discussion and I implore you all of you to please give me a comment on this my proposal, thanks you all in advance.


As a community, we do not accept this offer. If this offer passes, I will cancel my luc investment. Binance and the community want a burn. Take your own pocket. Months, we take 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. We cannot progress. Actually, we are always in the same place. Binance communities. Support the community with your offers, not yourself. Lunch is close. You reduced the Lunc burn by 0.2 and you mentioned that the volume will increase. If the Lunc burn is 0.2, you said us positive in other exchanges. What happened? They didn’t support it. Other exchanges will not support us.

  1. Stop printing the food supply. Limit supply. No more pressing supply. We are in this state because of the supply
  2. 1.2 Re-chaining the burning tax and passing it on the chain. Binance said goodbye to us. Binance wants it. Now understand.
  3. 1.2 close to 2 tax (90%) Have a (10%) community
  4. Do not make unnecessary demands from the community.
  5. Do not cast a ballot with these proposals. Just close and build. After the accident, the investor suffered a lot and still continues to suffer. We started to gain trust with the burns. Don’t lose this trust

This is not an enforceable proposal, but a discussion proposal, to find the best way to let the community alive, to let the chain make progress, it is not against TR, but maybe to let them wake up and do something very good for all of us. I’m a small validator I give my small contribute by burning my reward, I created a game to help LUNC burn that looks will go online today or tomorrow in production stage.
I always ask for cooperation, to have a space where WHO really want do something, can help other for help, and can share profit with them. But I hate when anyone ask to be aid for almost nothing, this need finish, and this is the feeling I got from TR in the last 2 month, so please I ask them to show me the opposite.

Why they do not work to something that help burn lunc and that let them earn LUNC, in this case they do not need ask anyone to be paid, but they will be paid by themself. So all other do nothing and got rewared by price increase? they also do something, buy LUNC and hold it, this still help, we no need think give something for free, that can benefit other that do nothing, normally the benefit is 1st for who did something.


you wrote : As a community, we do not accept this offer. If this offer passes, I will cancel my luc investment. (this is your 1st post on Agora, who ask you to wrote it ??? ) .
Than you wrote : Lunch is close. You reduced the Lunc burn by 0.2 and you mentioned that the volume will increase.
I’m for an increase of LUNC burn tax to 0,6% but looks all other no, so I must be wrong (we will see after 2-3 month who was wrong and who right on this matter)

And wrote some many other things that not have sense. Can you please let me understand your idea beyond your word ?

This post is still in slow mode, so I have to wait 30 Minute before send any reply, sorry to all of you.

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I Terra Rebel si dovrebbero mettere a lavorare o altrimenti lasciano lavorare chi veramente vuole e fa’ tanto per la comunità. In risposta a chi allude alla decentralizzazione, dove sta la decentralizzazione se il potere di voto li hanno i soliti 4/5 validatori? Provate a proporre di spartire il potere di voto e poi ne riparliamo

Buonasera a tutti , penso che i terra rebels siano dei grandissimi incompetenti , non meritano di decidere un cazzo per lunc!
I 900.000.000 di lunc da VOI rubati in medicine dovete usarli!
Uscite da lunc e fate spezio a chi sa lavorare nel mondo crypto!

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  1. Let’s reintroduce the LUNC 1.2 burn tax and apply it to the chain.

  2. Let’s limit the LUNC supply and no longer print LUNC.

  3. Let’s transfer the proceeds from the LUNC 1.2 burn tax (90% LUNC burn) (10%) to the community pool

4.binance will accept these offers. @ek826

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@Adriana_Islamaj Yes this are 2 big issue, one is voting power and another one is Rebels incompetence, we need fix this 2 point

@GIORDANO_GARUTI Very hard talking, please be moderate, thanks.

@Dmr 1.2 burn tax is the past, more than one time was refused from governance, now there is a 0,6% tax burn voting, where I voted Yes, but looks still will not pass, I do not understand why we not want try a new coefficient for it.

I’d like to get more opinion on this big matter but …
dear @ek826 @Asobs @ClassyCrypto @David_Goebelt @LunaticstokenValidat @HappyCattyCrypto1 @HappyCattyCrypto @lunc_nymph

Can I have your precious comment or any of you, is under Rebel Umbrella so can not talk any contrarian to them ?