LUNA Supply API is down, how to fetch LUNAC supply data?

LUNA V1 Supply API doesn’t fetch live supply data anymore.

From the migration guide:
“To continue supporting Luna Classic (LUNC), the Terra Classic LCD address needs to be altered to The FCD address will be”

I tried to mix up the old links with the new ones but no result.
Can any dev or admin kindly share with us the new links for LUNAC supply?

Thanks in advance.


if the classic chain API is down then how does CMC update supply data? also grabs supply via API queries. also displays the supply, 6.9 trillion but how if the API is down

something fishy is going on. u could take down blockchain API, then do all sorts of things to it, u could fake, alter the data etc. or make it output bogus data, then feed it to the community saying, look, supply is burning itself. since nobody but them knows the real supply they appear in a privileged position where they can fake anything and everything to manipulate the market how they want

but how does CMC grab the supply data if the API is down


Important question but no discussion


Terra Docs: supply API instruction in Terra.js redirect us to a 404 page.
I searched a little bit in terradocs, sdk, terrawiki any information or instructions about supply but didn’t find it.

Anyone has an idea about it?


still no update from the Terra team?


this whole shit has gone phut

totally off kilter

first, they kick UST off peg with major UST dumps leading to Anchor bankrun amid severe peg fluctuations

then they move 1.6 billion salvage fund to uncertain place and nobody knows where exactly or what happened to that money

then they start swapping UST they got for fraction of a dollar for astronomic amounts of LUNA and sending it straight to CEXes to cause a death spiral

then they launch another brand new chain in spite of definitive opposition & contempt from the community

why did they even need to create a proposal and vote in the V2 in the first place?

they could have just launched it without any shitty consent from the community and ANY proposal whatsoever

if they wanted it

now they took down the V1 API which fetches supply



where is the old station.terra?

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Seems to be gone, just noticed right now. I am confused…

Swap network in your extension or mobile wallet to classic then refresh station - to get back to main swap to main and refresh - you can jump between the two


@AtoZ can you help please?

Someone should fix it

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It’s a real shame the supply API is down, burn wallet has been filling up over the weekend ‘sent to burn’ but the supply total is not being adjusted. I’m guessing this is due to the api being down so sites cant pull the data needed


We have been asking for 5 days to fix this api, this is a nonsense on the part of the remaining team that may be left of terra luna working in luna classic. Do Kwon clearly said that luna classic would be a community project, at least keep his word and let the community manage the project properly through proposals.


yep. such a simple issue. but no fix no update 5 days and counting. this level of non-responsiveness and zero communication is pretty unacceptable.
I can understand if DK decided to pull all resourced out of classic. But this should be communicated clearly, and provide options for those who wishes to continue maintain LUNA classic.


API has been fixed (stop using the FCD).


Great! Thank you.

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Is the data accurate? If you look at the burn wallet there has been a few billion burned. But this is not representive of the current supply amount.

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Thanks for the update sir.
But the numbers seems to be off.

at the moment of this post, circulating supply per the new link is:
On Coingecko, the total supply number is:

looks like the first number is way off…

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The correct total supply of LUNC is here:


doesn’t matter if it is total or circulating. the numbers are off by at least 6 digits.

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