What should I set gas price by MsgSend

I use golang to write a trading program. I understand that gas fee is multiplied by gas price and gas amount. Then, in order to prevent accidents, I can set the gas limit value, but I don’t know how much gas price should be set? In the program I wrote, I sent 10 Lunas, set the adjustment to 1.5, and set the gas price to 0.016 uluna, but the program will report an error:

insufficient fees; got: "1249uluna", required: "14833uaud,14833ucad,10149uchf,75725ucny,70260udkk,9759ueur,8588ugbp,90869uhkd,170183880uidr,858726uinr,1249056ujpy,13899652ukrw,11710uluna

But when I set a big gas price, I found that the transaction was successful, but the handling fee was unusually large. for the block scan : https://finder.terra.money/testnet/tx/0A6185BCEABCAFBCD79259260F44B36B2802765BD8239D4FD48C8DA40EA37857

I just use this code:

	LCDClient := client.NewLCDClient(
		msg.NewDecCoinFromDec("uluna", msg.NewDecFromIntWithPrec(msg.NewInt(16), 3)),
		msg.NewDecFromIntWithPrec(msg.NewInt(15), 1),
	trx, err := LCDClient.CreateAndSignTx(
			Msgs: []msg.Msg{
					FromAddress: from,
					ToAddress:   to,
					Amount:      msg.NewCoins(msg.NewInt64Coin("uluna", 10000000)),
			Memo:     "",
			SignMode: tx.SignModeDirect,

I still have the error

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