Where is the voice of ustc?

ustc is a great currency. it crosses some chains. many people buy it and hold it .where is the voice of ustc??

It was worth 3 cents this morning but is closer to 2.5 now: you should sell asap. It’s a failed coin, so now that we’re past the 2.0 snapshot and people have their airdropped LUNA they’re getting any last value out that they can.

We bought and kept and now see we are 10s of 1000s of dollars down. The most interesting part is Terra Labs nor Dok*won are intrested in reviving it. They don’t get any value from UST/USTC. They are interested in LUNA so the moment LUNA V1 dropped its value and when they knew it can’t be revived immediately they started working on launching new token and naming it LUNA V2. The investors who lost faith in LUNA they are trying to sell them the same Name token. Funny isn’t it?

First - They should have reduced it’s 6.5T token size to 1B to regain confidence of investors

Second - They could have tried reviving UST peg or buying back coins from investors and start enabling $ pegged coin sales.

Third - Rather than launching new coin and do the airdrop they could have compensated investors by taking block screenshot Before and after crash and give airdrop of existing LUNA token to investors

Fourth - It was easy to use split/merge mechanism without even buying it. Many companies in past has done changes to their token value - ex BTCST had limited supply and then they multiplied the supply dividing 1/10 1 coin they split it to 10 parts and value was distributed among 10 from 400$ to 40$ for 1/10 of a coin
Cocus if i remember correctly they also did it by reducing the supply without buying it. I think 1/1000.
BTCST Multiplied and Cocus Merged
Similarly The supply of 6.5T could have merged by 100/1000 Times and value could have calculated for 100 times for each token.

Now you guys have plenty of time to figure it out what went wrong. Always keep investors happy. Ignoring them and not talking to them isn’t gonna solve problem. More over rather than stopping the trade when market crashed you guys are saying you spent BTC to maintain peg after entire market cap was gone. that’s so foolish talk. I feel it’s a great scam orchestrated with a very well executed plan.

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ustc can cross terra 2.0 chain like cross other chains.